Attitude Sensitive Skin Care Natural Dishwashing Liquid

Attitude Sensitive Skin Care Natural Dishwashing Liquid

Best forFamilies looking for a dish soap formulated for sensitive skin

Top BenefitsGentle on sensitive skin, cleans and rinses well, National Eczema Association certified, vegan

ConsiderationsWide bottle shape, doesn’t foam as much as some other dish soaps

Bottom lineAttitude Sensitive Skin Care Natural Dishwashing Liquid is tough on messes yet super gentle on skin, giving you the best of both worlds while cleaning up in the kitchen. Plus, the fragrance-free formula has a truly neutral scent—ideal for those with sensitivities.



  • Accepted National Eczema Association
  • Made with colloidal oatmeal to soothe skin and an emollient to moisturize
  • Fragrance-free with a truly neutral scent
  • EcoLogo-certified, CO2-neutral and VOC-free
  • Cruelty-free, vegan formulation


Washing dishes is a chore, and if you have dry or sensitive skin, it can also be a real pain. Attitude Sensitive Skin Care Natural Dishwashing Liquid is thankfully gentle on skin without compromising on cleaning power. Formulated with colloidal oatmeal to soothe sensitive skin and an emollient to moisturize, this fragrance-free dish soap is certified by the National Eczema Association. Overall, our editors and parent testers were impressed with this plant- and mineral-based dish soap's ability to clean seriously dirty dishes.


To test Attitude Sensitive Skin Care Natural Dishwashing Liquid’s cleaning capabilities, our editors in the Today’s Parent Approved lab assessed how well it fared against a variety of foods. With a little help from a kitchen sponge, all traces of pasta sauce, cheese and peanut butter were wiped away. (Impressively, it almost entirely lifted crusted-on pasta sauce and cheese simply by soaking in soapy hot water alone—no scrubbing required.) Meanwhile, parent testers who tried out this dish soap at home noted that it easily cut through both greasy and sticky messes, and they had no problem cleaning cheese from a grater or food from cutlery and cooking utensils. Notably, they told us it did an above-average job of removing burnt-on food from pots and pans—a tough task for any dish soap. While this product doesn't foam as much as some other dish soaps, don’t let that fool you—parents were happy with how long the 700-millilitre bottle lasted, and most said one squirt was enough to get the whole job done. Everyone also liked that this soap washed away clean, with no sticky soap residue.

What really sets Attitude Sensitive Skin Care Natural Dishwashing Liquid apart is how gentle it is on your hands. This soap is so gentle that some testers felt as if their hands had been moisturized after washing the dishes—a far cry from how dry and irritated other soaps can leave skin. Editors and parents were also fans of the soap’s truly neutral scent, ideal for those with scent sensitivities. (This isn't always the case with fragrance-free products, as some contain ingredients that have a scent, such as lemon or lavender oil.)


When it comes to dish soaps, two things make it a bit easier (or more challenging) to dispense when your hands are wet: the grip of the bottle and the cap. The Attitude Sensitive Skin Care Natural Dishwashing Liquid bottle is wrapped in a matte-finish label and it has an hourglass shape, making it noticeably easier to get a good grip compared to many other dish soap bottles. That said, the bottle is pretty wide, so you probably won’t be able to get your whole hand around it. While one of our testers found it tricky to get a good grip with one hand, the rest had no problem. The push-pull cap is a cinch to open and close, but the soap is quite viscous, so you may end up with some dribbles down the side of the bottle or build-up on the cap if you tend to leave it open. On the plus side, the thicker liquid means it's very easy to control the amount dispensed, minimizing waste.


Our editors and parent testers alike put two hands together for Attitude Sensitive Skin Care Natural Dishwashing Liquid. Testers unanimously agreed that the ease of use and quality of this dish soap ranked well above average, and most were impressed with the overall value, too. Editors, meanwhile, were impressed with how effectively this gentle soap cut through food residues. While it has an above-average price point, the cleaning power coupled with a soft-on-skin formula are well worth it for those whose hands are in need of a little extra TLC when cleaning up in the kitchen.

This article was originally published on Apr 09, 2018

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