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Compliments Green Care All-Purpose Cleaner

Compliments Green Care All-Purpose Cleaner

Best forParents looking for an affordable, effective and non-toxic surface spray that is formulated with a blend of essential oils

Top BenefitsEnvironmentally-friendly, scented with essential oils, cuts through grease, sticky messes, and crayon

ConsiderationsNozzle may be stiff for some

Bottom lineCompliments Green Care All-Purpose Cleaner offers a powerful clean to freshen up your home while being safe for the family and good for the environment.



  • Biodegradable
  • Ecologo certified
  • Essential oils
  • Septic tank safe
  • Non-toxic


Affordable and effective, Compliments Green Care All-Purpose Cleaner is biodegradable, non-toxic and septic tank safe. Plus, it's infused with a blend of essential oils that both parent testers and editors enjoyed. Made in Canada, this surface spray did an especially good job tackling common household messes (glass stovetops, we're looking at you). Bonus: Compliments Green Care All-Purpose Cleaner in Citrus is also EcoLogo certified, meaning the entire life cycle of the product, from manufacturing to disposal, meets strict environmental standards. 

Raising a family is messy, but oily spills and jammy spots were no match for this surface spray. With just one spritz and one sheet of paper towel, our editors wiped oil from laminate with zero streaks or residue left behind. When it came to jam, they found one spray cleaned up all the stickiness, and a second spray resulted in a flawless countertop. All our parents testers agreed, this product did a good job of getting rid of sticky, greasy and dried-up toddler messes.

This product is amazing! It smells fresh, clean and not too strong. It’s a product I’d wholeheartedly recommend!" —Sarah, mom of four

Testing the power of Compliments Green Care All-Purpose Cleaner, our editors were impressed with how well it removed crayon scribbles from a white wall. (We found letting the spray sit on the crayon for a while helped lift it.) Our lab also pitted this spray against permanent marker—because when kids are around, original artwork can be created fast—and while the mark faded, it wasn’t removed completely.

Although our parent testers had a neutral experience eliminating marks from their walls, this product was a showstopper when it came to removing grime from their laminate countertops and high chairs. As a pleasant bonus, our parent testers and editors found Compliments Green Care All-Purpose Cleaner freshened up the room after use, and everyone agreed surfaces felt clean to the touch, without a streak in sight.

I love that this product is effective, affordable and safe for my kids, to boot. This is a hard combination to find.” —Triona, mom of two

During testing, our editors examined the packaging and found the instructions clear, without excessive detail. However, the package lacks information on what materials the product can and cannot be used on (porous surfaces, etc...). Parent testers and editors found the bottle is easy to grip and spray with one hand and the wide spray covers a lot of ground. The  nozzle was simple to lock and unlock, thanks to helpful images on the side of the nozzle, but a little on the stiff side. Our editors also noted that when the nozzle was locked, none of the spray leaked, even after the handle was squeezed repeatedly—good news if you have an overzealous little helper.


Compliments Green Care All-Purpose Cleaner met the needs of our parent testers—they all said it was better or much better than other surface sprays they’ve used in the past. Its overall quality and easy-to-use formula made it a valuable product for parent testers, and all agreed they would purchase this surface spray, considering its budget-friendly retail price. Planet-conscious, naturally scented and offering superior cleaning power, this surface spray impressed our editors, earning it the Today’s Parent Approved seal.

Tech Specs

  • Size available:
    750 mL

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