Insignia Alkaline Batteries

Insignia Alkaline Batteries

Best forParents needing a quality battery for their kids' toys

Top BenefitsAvailable in bulk, lower price per battery

ConsiderationsPackaging does not open neatly, charge did not last as long as top performing batteries in flashlight testing

Bottom lineInsignia Alkaline is a budget-friendly battery that delivers long-lasting power, especially for toys



  • 4-year shelf life
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Free of mercury and cadmium


Whether you're at home or on-the-go, so many indispensable items require batteries. However, not all batteries are created equal—from leaks to low power levels, which brands can you rely on to provide a solid performance? To answer that question, our Today’s Parent Approved editors and parent testers checked out Insignia Alkaline Batteries (made by Best Buy). Both in the lab and at home, we discovered the Insignia battery is a budget-friendly, dependable option.

Today’s Parent Approved editors put AA batteries to the test in a flashlight and a children’s toy. Each of these battery-operated products were turned on for an hour and then turned off for an hour to rest, and this process was repeated over the course of eight hours each day until the batteries ran out of juice. In the end, Insignia finished on par with some of the top batteries we tested when it came to toy longevity, providing nearly 34 hours of playtime. Ultimately, it was one of the longest lasting batteries we tested when it came to value. However, it did not do so well in the flashlight test: they kept the bulb lit for just over three hours.

The majority of our parent testers were happy with how the Insignia batteries performed overall, agreeing it withstood repetitive play in their children’s toys and gaming devices. One parent mentioned the battery endured more than a month in her son’s remote control cars, which he played with daily, and deemed the brand a great, inexpensive go-to for kids’ toys.

After over a month of use, the batteries are all still going strong! In the past, I have used batteries in my husband’s hair trimmer that died within a few days. These are still working great!” —Jodi, mom of one

Insignia also stood out in terms of straightforward product labelling. The battery type was clearly marked in large letters on the front of the package, and both our editors and parent testers were pleased to see a list of common devices the battery powered (including radios, remote controls and CD players). However, our editors felt that the package didn't open neatly, noting that you can easily rip the instructions off the back. On the other hand, most of our parent testers were less concerned with this, and only one had a problem storing unused batteries in their original container. She wished the packaging could be resealed to prevent the batteries from spilling out, a sentiment echoed by our editors.


Overall, Insignia Alkaline Batteries deliver reliable battery power that’s cost-effective. Most of our parent testers were satisfied with this product, giving it a rating of good to very good for quality, ease of use and value for money. Our editors were impressed with how well it performed in the lab for the price, especially when it came to longevity in a toy. While some of our parent testers noted that Insignia batteries didn’t last as long as batteries they've used previously, most would recommend it to other parents and would purchase Insignia the next time their battery supply is running low. As a result, our parent testers deem the Insignia battery worthy of our Today’s Parent Approved seal.

Tech Specs

  • SIZE:
    AA 1.5V
    AAA 1.5V
    C 1.5V
    D 1.5V

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