Ikea Alkalisk Alkaline Batteries

Ikea Alkalisk Alkaline Batteries

Best forFamilies looking for budget-friendly batteries that perform well

Top BenefitsLow price per battery, good overall lasting power, packaging closes for easy storage

ConsiderationsCharge may not last as long as other batteries in some items

Bottom lineIkea Alkalisk Alkaline Batteries pack good power and have a super affordable price, with the lowest cost per battery of any we tested. Editors and testers found that while these batteries may not outlast the best-performing batteries all the time, they come close, and with such a low price point, you’ll come out ahead in the long run.


ikea.caCAD $2.99
ikea.comUSD $2.49


  • Good lasting power to keep electronics running
  • Convenient resealable packaging for storing unused batteries
  • Recyclable packaging


There's no shortage of things that take batteries—kids' toys, flashlights, TV remotes, alarm clocks, even some breast pumps. Some products burn through batteries fast, and that's why Today’s Parent Approved editors and parents alike are fans of the budget-friendly Ikea Alkalisk Alkaline Batteries, available in AA, AAA and 9V sizes. While we found Ikea's batteries may not always outlast other batteries, they're a fraction of the cost, so you get more bang for your buck.

To figure out whether batteries perform well, Today’s Parent Approved editors put AA batteries to the test in a flashlight and a children's toy. Each of these battery-operated products were turned on for an hour and then turned off for an hour to rest, and this process was repeated over the course of eight hours each day until the batteries ran out of juice. The Ikea Alkalisk Alkaline Batteries kept the toy running for 18.5 hours, which was pretty average among all the batteries we tested. But Ikea's batteries really shone in the flashlight test: they kept the bulb lit for just under nine hours—the second-longest run time of all the batteries we tested.

I was amazed at the low cost of these batteries—a huge difference compared to the big brand names. They held up in quality, and I appreciated the packaging—a simple box with an easy-to-open end that closed up again. I also liked that there was no plastic in the packaging.” —Melissa, mom of one

Parent testers were also impressed with the performance of these batteries given the price. Most found the Alkalisk batteries lasted well in kids’ toys and household items like remote controls and flashlights, though opinions were split on how long they kept gaming devices running. And while one mom told us the AAA Ikea batteries didn't last as long as other batteries she's used in her kid's night light, she also noted that the price is so low you can afford to replace the batteries more often. (If the added waste worries you, keep in mind that you can drop off used batteries at Ikea stores for recycling.) Overall, the majority of testers said they were satisfied with Ikea Alkalisk batteries.

The packaging of these batteries was also a hit with parents because it's easy to open and closes up for tidy storage. Just watch out for the window in the box when you're grabbing a fresh one—our editors found batteries can fall out.


Our homes are filled with electronic gadgets and kids' toys featuring all the bells and whistles, so batteries that last are a must—and when they're also affordable, that's a big bonus. Ikea Alkalisk Alkaline Batteries have the lowest price per battery of any we tested, and there’s no denying they pack good power for their price. Most of our parent testers gave these batteries good or very good ratings for quality, value and ease of use, and all but one would recommend them to other families. Editors, meanwhile, were impressed with how well these little power providers fared in our lab tests. While Ikea batteries may not last quite as long as other batteries in some products, at a fraction of the cost, you're bound to come out ahead in the long run.

Tech Specs

    AA 1.5 V — 10 per pack
    AAA 1.5 V — 10 per pack
    9V — 1 per pack
This article was originally published on Apr 26, 2018

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