Energizer Max Alkaline Batteries

Energizer Max Alkaline Batteries

Best forBusy families who don’t want to worry about changing batteries often, or about damaging leaks in devices and children’s toys

Top BenefitsPowerseal Technology to help prevent leaks, reliable power, long shelf life

ConsiderationsCharge may not last as long as top performing batteries in some items

Bottom lineDesigned with Energizer’s Powerseal Technology, Energizer Max alkaline batteries provide reliable power without the worry of leakage



  • Leakage protection with Powerseal Technology
  • 10-year shelf life
  • Easy-open packaging


No one wants a leaky battery, especially in expensive tech gadgets or (heaven forbid) your little one’s favourite toy. To avoid these annoying leaks, Energizer Max alkaline batteries are designed with Energizer’s Powerseal Technology. The brand claims this technology can help protect your devices from leaky batteries—even up to two years after the battery has been fully drained. Today’s Parent Approved editors and parent testers alike did not experience any leakage with these batteries during the testing period. Our parent testers reported that they performed well in a variety of places like kids’ toys and gaming devices. Reliable and worry-free, Energizer Max alkaline batteries left parent testers impressed and satisfied.

To test the longevity of the batteries, our Today’s Parent Approved editors took a bunch of batteries into their lab and tested them in both flashlights and kids’ toys, turning the devices on for an hour and off for an hour to rest. This process was repeated over the course of eight hours each day until the batteries ran out of juice. The Energizer Max alkaline batteries performed impressively when it came to the flashlight test, lasting almost twice as long as some lower-performing batteries.

Parent testers had similar results, agreeing they lasted a long time in household tools and their kids’ toys. One tester noted how well the battery worked in their wireless keyboard, and another in her son’s nightlight. Most parent testers reported that the Energizer Max alkaline batteries not only lasted longer than other batteries, but that they preferred these batteries to others they had tried in the past.

” —Alex
, dad of two

The easiest way to store batteries is in their original packaging. Energizer got the message and created great packaging with this in mind. These batteries come in a cardboard package with a pop-out window, which parent testers found easy to open neatly–the package stayed intact and batteries didn’t spill everywhere. Any unused batteries can be easily stored right in the original packaging. Parent testers agreed the overall ease of use of these batteries added to their value.

Parent testers found the Energizer Max alkaline batteries provided reliable and long-lasting power when used in everyday household gadgets. The majority of our parent testers gave these batteries good or very good ratings for quality, value and ease of use. Impressively, every parent tester said Energizer Max would be their battery of choice the next time they needed to restock, and all would recommend them to other families. It’s no surprise then, that parent testers were in favour of awarding these batteries the Today’s Parent Approved seal. Taking into account the batteries’ technology that protects devices from damaging leaks, our Today’s Parent Approved editors agreed, Energizer Max batteries are deserving of the seal.

Tech Specs

    AA 1.5 V
    AAA 1.5 V
    C 1.5 V
    D 1.5 V
This article was originally published on Apr 30, 2018

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