Duracell Quantum

Duracell Quantum

Best forParents looking for a reliable battery with a long lifetime

Top BenefitsBuilt-in PowerCheck technology, 10-year shelf life

ConsiderationsHigher-end price point due to premium performance

Bottom lineIf you want to invest in a premium battery with staying power, Duracell Quantum offers solid performance and great value



  • Convenient packaging you can use to store unused batteries
  • Power-checking ability
  • Long-lasting power
  • 10-year shelf life


From clocks and remote controls to thermostats and toys, batteries are the unsung heroes that give life to many of the devices we use daily to run and enjoy our homes. That's why finding a reliable energy source is essential. Duracell Quantum earned major kudos from our Today’s Parent Approved editors and parent testers, who were all impressed by its quality, ease of use and value. Plus, if you find this battery rolling around in your junk drawer, you can instantly check its power level by pressing the two contact points. Duracell Quantum’s price point is on the higher end of all the batteries we tested, but our editors and parent testers alike believe its excellent functionality make it worthwhile.

Today’s Parent Approved editors put AA batteries to the test in a flashlight and a children’s toy. Each of these battery-operated products were turned on for an hour and then turned off for an hour to rest, and this process was repeated over the course of eight hours each day until the batteries ran out of juice. Duracell Quantum outperformed the dozen other batteries we tested— lasting 43 hours in the toy and just over nine hours in the flashlight. 

In home settings, our parent testers also strongly agreed that Duracell Quantum lasted a long time in their children’s toys and flashlights. In fact, the majority said it outlived other batteries they had tried in the past. While you might have to wander the aisles to locate the elusive display of batteries at your local grocery or drug store, our editors noted finding the type of battery you want (AA, AAA, etc.) was easy to spot on the front of Duracell Quantum’s packaging. Our editors noted that the packaging doesn’t readily provide specific instructions on proper disposal when the batteries have run their course. However, there are plenty of suitable collection sites, probably right in your neighbourhood, where you can safely dispose of them.  

Excellent batteries. Still haven't had to replace them and they've been in the baby toys for a couple of months!"—Alysha, mom of one

There’s no need to grab your scissors, because neatly opening the battery package is easy enough to do (only one parent tester found the package somewhat difficult to open). In fact, all of our parent testers agreed it was very easy to store unneeded batteries in their original packaging, which helps to lessen clutter in your junk drawer.


Long-lasting performance and reliability are major features of a great battery, and Duracell Quantum delivered on these promises both in the lab and at home with our parent testers, who rated its quality and ease of use as very good, and value for money as good to very good. Very satisfied with this product, all our parent testers said they wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it and recommend it to other parents, as well as deem it worthy of our Today’s Parent Approved seal. Our editors couldn’t agree more.

Tech Specs

    AA 1.5V
    AAA 1.5V
    C 1.5V
    D 1.5V
This article was originally published on May 01, 2018

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