Duracell Coppertop

Duracell Coppertop

Best forParents looking for a quality-performance battery that has lasting power

Top BenefitsLong-lasting performance in flashlights, convenient packaging

ConsiderationsCharge did not last as long as top performing batteries during toy testing

Bottom lineDuracell Coppertop offers the power to get common household items up and running when you need them the most


walmart.caCAD $7.97
walmart.comUSD $3.51


  • Convenient packaging you can use to store unused batteries
  • 10-year shelf life


While many of the world’s latest technological gadgets boast sophistication that allows them to charge in New Age ways (solar power), alkaline batteries are still the go-to for keeping simple, everyday home electronics afloat. However, not all batteries are created equal, so which one do you invest in? Our Today’s Parent Approved editors and parent testers put Duracell’s iconic Coppertop brand through its paces, and it impressed both parties with its lasting power in a variety of household items.

Today’s Parent Approved editors put AA batteries to the test in a flashlight and a children’s toy. Each of these battery-operated products were turned on for an hour and then turned off for an hour to rest, and this process was repeated over the course of eight hours each day until the batteries ran out of juice. While Duracell Coppertop performed adequately during our toy test (a sentiment echoed by our parent testers), it shone during the flashlight testing.

Around their homes, our parent testers agreed Duracell Coppertop stood the test of time in items like gaming devices, baby monitors and even power tools. In comparison to other batteries they’d tried in the past, most of our testers found this battery lasted longer.

I think Duracell is a quality brand, which showed in the length of time these batteries worked in my baby’s swing and TV remote. They’re both used for several hours every day." —Penny, mom of two

When shopping for Duracell Coppertop batteries, it’s easy to spot its size on the front of the packaging, but hunting for information about voltage may require flipping to the back of the package. Only one parent tester found the wrapping somewhat difficult to open using the handy tab, and while the package doesn’t reseal, it’s likely the unneeded batteries will stay put in the packaging. Our editors noted that the packaging doesn’t readily share any specific instructions on proper disposal when the batteries have run their course, but there plenty of proper collection sites, probably near your home, for you to safely dispose of them. 


Overall, our parent testers were satisfied with Duracell Coppertop, giving it a rating of good to very good for its quality and ease of use, and good for its value for money. All of our parent testers said they would purchase this brand next time they’re in need and would recommend it to others, as well as stamp it with our Today’s Parent Approved seal. Our editors, meanwhile, were impressed with its reliable performance in a variety of everyday household items at an affordable price.

Tech Specs

    AA 1.5V
    AAA 1.5V
    C 1.5V
    D 1.5V

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