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Philips Series 1000i Air Purifier

Philips Series 1000i Air Purifier

Best forFamilies with allergies, and small to medium spaces

Top BenefitsCleans air efficiently, automatically adjusts fan speed as needed, true HEPA and carbon filters, app-connected, night sense mode dims lights and reduces fan speed

ConsiderationsFew mode and fan speed options

Bottom lineThe Philips Series 1000i Air Purifier is designed to effectively clean the air in small- to medium-sized rooms with very minimal effort on the user’s part. In addition to the general mode, there’s also an allergen mode as well as a night sense mode that automatically activates in a dark room, and fan speeds adjust based on need (you can also adjust them manually). This air purifier features a true HEPA filter, which captures fine particulates as small as 0.3 microns, and active carbon filter, which reduces gases and odours.

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  • Monitors the air and automatically adjusts fan speed
  • Connects to the Air Matters app for easy settings adjustment, filter replacement notifications, local air quality data and more
  • Air quality status is shown on a numerical display and on a ring on the front of the unit that changes colour
  • Child lock deactivates all other buttons so kids can't change settings or turn the unit on or off


Whether someone in your family experiences allergies, a sensitivity to particulates in the air, or you simply have concerns about odours and contaminants, an air purifier can really help improve the air quality in your home. The Philips Series 1000i Air Purifier is ideal for small- to medium-sized spaces, and uses both a true HEPA filter to remove air pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns, and an active carbon filter to reduce gases and odours.

This purifier features three automatic modes: general, allergen (it's extra sensitive) and night sense. The unit automatically detects indoor air conditions and adjusts its fan speed accordingly, but you can also adjust the fan speed manually, with four options to choose from. Air quality is displayed on a small digital display, which features a ring that changes colour according to the level of particulates in the air. While you can adjust settings on the unit, the air purifier can also be connected to and controlled remotely with the Air Matters app.

The quality of the air is so much better in my house since using this air purifier. My husband isn't having any allergy problems, or even problems breathing at all.” Misty, mom of four

In order to test the air purifier's effectiveness, editors placed the Philips Series 2000i in an air-tight 8- x 8- x 4-foot space along with an ultra-fine particle counter and then sprayed dry shampoo into the space for five seconds. The Philips Series 1000i made quick work of cleaning the air, dropping to under 100 particles per cubic centimetre (below what’s considered clean air) within 10 minutes. Editors in the Today’s Parent Approved lab also looked at the clean air delivery rates, a score that indicates how quickly a device filters the air (this independent testing is carried out through the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers). According to the CADR scores, the Philips Series 1000i does a good job of filtering the three particulates tested (tobacco smoke, dust and pollen) in rooms up to 200 square feet.

Parents who tested the Philips Series 1000i Air Purifier at home found it effective and praised its quiet operation and efficiency. More than one parent noted that this air purifier addressed or altogether eliminated allergy symptoms for them and their family members, and that it reduced the presence of household odours, producing cleaner air in their homes.

Since this air purifier is designed for small- to medium-sized rooms, it's an ideal option for a bedroom—and if you're running an air purifier at night, you want it to be quiet. The Philips Series 1000i's lowest fan speed is quite quiet, and its night sense mode automatically dims display lights and turns down the fan speed in a dark room, making the transition to nighttime use effortless. (You can also activate night sense with the touch of a button.) While turbo fan mode is noticeably noisy, it's really only a setting you're only going to use when you want to clean the air very rapidly—though it's worth noting that turbo mode will run for 10 minutes if the air quality is poor when you manually change to night sense mode.

The air purifier is very easy to set up and use. I love the giant numbers and different colours, which represent how good or bad the air quality is in the room.” —Zeeshan, mom of one

Our editors and parent testers found it easy to set up the Philips Series 1000i, and the compact size makes it a breeze to move from room to room. Replacing the true HEPA and active carbon filters is relatively simple, but replacement notifications on the unit's display are coded, so you might need to refer back to the manual.

Using this air purifier is quite simple—auto modes make it easy to set it and forget it most of the time (there's bound to be moments when you want to dial up the fan speed or manually switch modes). The Philips Series 1000i interface is very straightforward, with four buttons (on/off, night sense mode, fan speed and child lock) and a centred digital display. A ring around the digital display changes colour according to the air quality status (from blue, signifying good air quality, to red when there are a lot of particles and/or allergens in the air), and a numerical scale also displays the air quality. When you're adjusting settings on the unit, you'll have to cycle through all the options using the fan speed button, which editors found a bit tedious at times.

Editors found it easier and quicker to make settings adjustments in the Air Matters app. The Air Matters app provides both indoor and outdoor air quality information, and allows the user to control the fan speed and settings, activate the child lock, and see filter life information. It even helpfully includes links to purchase filter replacements. (Bonus: As a third-party app, it also allows for the control of a number of other home devices.) The majority of our parent testers found the app useful and easy to navigate.


Editors and parent testers were impressed with the Philips Series 1000i Air Purifier. Our parent testers unanimously gave it very good ratings for quality and ease of use. While parents noted the the price point is higher than many other air purifiers, they felt it was well worth spending the extra money on this model, and they all rated the value good or very good. None would hesitate to recommend this air purifier to other families, noting that it exceeded expectations and improved their home air quality in significant ways. Editors were also fans of this air purifier's efficiency and effectiveness when it came to cleaning the air, not to mention the automatic settings that make it super simple to use.

Tech Specs

    Suitable for small to medium rooms, up to 200 sq. ft.
    Removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns
    NanoProtect True HEPA Filter
    NanoProtect Active Carbon Filter
    General, Allergen, Night Sense
    4 manual speed settings
    Night Sense mode automatically reduces fan speed
  • SIZE
    8.27 in. x 12.80 in. x 21.38 in.

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