Organic baby food

Nestle Gerber Organic Purees

Nestle Gerber Organic Purees

Best forParents looking for a convenient organic baby food

Top BenefitsOrganic, 15 flavours

ConsiderationsCitric acid present in some flavours, non-recyclable package

Bottom lineNestle Gerber Organic Baby Food includes a variety of flavours and foods to try with your little eater at home or when you're on the go


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  • Suitable for 6 months and up
  • 15 flavours
  • Easy-to-secure twist lid
  • No added sugar, salt or artificial colouring


With 15 different flavours to choose from, Nestle Gerber Organic Purees contain whole fruits and vegetables with very little else added. The convenient packaging means parents can tuck a few in a diaper bag for on-the-go feeds, while the easy-grip, squeezable pouches allow independent toddlers to feed themselves (and keep busy for a minute or two!).

Quality of Ingredients

Available in a range of all-fruit and fruit-and-vegetable combinations, these Nestle Gerber organic purees contain no added sugar, salt, or fat. However, our registered dietician Cara Rosenbloom noted that citric acid—found in two of the flavours—is a preservative not needed in baby food. One of our parent testers said she wasn't happy with the use of fruit and vegetable concentrates in these purees.

When you're starting solids, always introduce new foods one at a time, waiting a few days before you try another new food. This will allow you to easily identify any allergic reactions or sensitivities.
Taste and Texture

Taste and texture are super important as babies learn to eat, so our Today's Parent Approved editors tried samples of the Nestle Gerber Organic Purees to see just how tasty they are. Most of the flavours were pretty good, though there was an off-putting aftertaste in the Pear, Peach, Pumpkin & Fig flavour, while the taste of kale overpowered everything else in the the Mango, Apple, Carrot & Kale combination. But in the Apple, Blueberries & Spinach puree, we found the fruits disguised the spinach well—handy if your toddler is going through a veggie-hating phase. Given its intense sweetness, we felt the Apple & Summer Peach might not make the best first food, especially if parents are cautious of introducing very sweet flavours too early.

The smell of these purees isn't bad, but not exceptional. We found it difficult to pick up different ingredients by scent alone, and that most purees had a generic smell to them.

Consistency varies among the flavours. Some, like Mango, Apple, Carrot & Kale, are thicker, which our testers liked to keep mess and spills to a minimum. Other flavours are a bit runnier—closer in texture to a smooth puree. Varieties with pear have a pleasant amount of gritty texture, while mango combinations contain some welcome starchiness. Overall, these organic purees taste good and are easy to eat.

Portability and Ease of Use

Ease of use is where these pouches really excel. The container design is great, with a twist-off cap that easily re-seals leftovers for storage without leaking. Upon opening there’s no spurting of contents, so you can hand the pouch to a little one without too much worry about a big mess. In our lab, we found the first inch of food that comes out from the spout a bit thicker and off-colour, but there's nothing wrong with it—it's simply natural oxidation.

While older babies and toddlers may be able to snack directly from a puree pouch, experts caution against doing this regularly. Eating in this way means kids aren’t learning to eat from a spoon or dish—skills you want your child to develop. Plus, it introduces a lot of bacteria into the food.

While you can easily store leftovers in the refrigerator thanks to the upright pouch design, they’re only good for 24 hours before you need to toss them. That being said, most of our parent testers were able to use an entire pouch before the 24-hour period was up. The biggest disappointment in the package itself is that it is not recyclable.

Easy-to-use and -store pouches that baby loves to feed herself! They're fantastic for on-the-go meals, and can also be spoon fed.” —Dianne, mom of one
Value for Money

Our testers found these Nestle Gerber Organic Purees offer great value for the dollar when compared to similar organic baby foods, and most said they would purchase this food again.

Final Word

While parents felt mostly satisfied with this line of organic purees, each of them said their babies fully enjoyed them. Because of their happy babies, the convenient packaging and the overall value for organic ingredients, our testers would recommend Nestle Gerber Organic Purees. Our lab was most impressed with the mostly clean ingredients list, pleasing tastes and ease of use, which is why, when combined with parent satisfaction, this brand is worthy of the Today's Parent Approved seal.

Tech Specs

  • Pouch size
    128 mL (4.5 fl. oz.)

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