Organic baby food

Heinz Baby Organic purees

Heinz Baby Organic purees

Best forParents looking for a budget-friendly organic puree that they can pick up at the grocery store

Top BenefitsPortable, resealable, budget-friendly price

ConsiderationsLimited flavours, citric acid (preservative) in one of the purees, pouch isn’t recyclable

Bottom lineAvailable in a range of fruit and vegetable combinations, Heinz Baby Organic purees are tasty and convenient, with a budget-friendly price point

Buy CAD $1.67


  • 8 flavours
  • Easy-to-secure resealable twist lid
  • Purees keep in refrigerator for 24 hours once opened
  • No added sugar, salt or artificial colours


With a delicious mix of fruits and vegetables (plus grains in some), Heinz Baby Organic purees offer a convenient option for feeding your little one, especially when you're on the go. Available in six flavour combinations for babies six months and up and another two flavours for babies eight months and up, these portable purees are made with certified organic ingredients, yet they're easy on your budget. Plus, the babies who taste tested samples for us loved them.


We worked with registered dietician Cara Rosenbloom to assess the ingredients in the baby food purees we tested, and she was largely impressed with the clean ingredients lists on the Heinz Baby Organic purees. The only suspect ingredient in any of the baby foods we tested was citric acid—a preservative that doesn't need to be in baby foods, Rosenbloom says. Organic Banana, Brown Rice & Quinoa is the only Heinz Baby puree that contains citric acid, so if you're concerned about this, it's pretty easy to avoid. All of our parent testers were happy with the ingredients in the foods their babies sampled.

When you're starting solids, always introduce new foods one at a time, waiting a few days before you try another new food so you can easily pinpoint the cause of allergic reactions or sensitivities.

The editors in our Today's Parent Approved lab found most products had a pleasant smell, and they enjoyed how the main ingredients stood out in flavour. The first inch of food from most pouches was a little off-colour, but that's due to natural oxidation and nothing to worry about. In terms of taste, we thought the lemon juice found in some varieties added a sourness that babies might not like, although none of the parent testers reported back any dislikes. (In fact, one mom remarked that the flavours might be a little too sweet.) Most parents said their babies loved just about all the Heinz Baby Organic purees they offered.

Texture-wise, the purees are quite smooth, though the purees with grains—like Blueberry, Apple & Oat—have a little more texture thanks to the starches. We did find the Banana, Berry & Beet flavour is a little on the gloopy side (possibly from the tapioca starch in it), and this makes the puree a little more difficult to blend by shaking in the pouch—not an issue if you're feeding from a bowl, but less than ideal if you want to squeeze the puree directly onto a spoon to feed your little one.

My son had a confused look for his first food experience. But after the second spoonful, he loved it and had his mouth wide open for more. He liked all of the fruit and veggie combos because they're sweet.” Lisa, mom of one

With its easy twist-off cap, the pouches are ideal for feeding babies on the go, and all our parent testers agreed they're easy to pack up and take along wherever the day takes you. The lid fits back on tightly if your child doesn’t finish the whole pouch in one sitting, but leftovers need to be refrigerated immediately after opening and consumed within 24 hours. That being said, our parent testers said they were able to use up the purees, so there wasn't much waste (aside from the pouch itself, which isn't recyclable).

While older babies and toddlers may be able to snack directly from a puree pouch, experts caution against doing this regularly. Eating in this way means kids aren’t learning to eat from a spoon or dish—skills you want your child to develop. Plus, it introduces a lot of bacteria into the food.

Our parent testers liked the quality of organic ingredients that the Heinz Baby Organic purees offer considering the price of each pouch. One parent even noted this line of baby purees is comparable to more expensive brands. And because no leftovers were thrown away, they felt this affordable product is worth stocking up on.


You can't beat the convenience of baby food purees that come in a resealable pouch—especially when you're on the go—and Heinz offers a nice selection of options in a variety of fruit and vegetable flavours. The majority of our parent testers gave the Heinz Baby Organic purees a "very good" rating for quality, ease of use and value for money, and all said they would purchase these purees and would recommend them to other parents. Our editors liked the simple flavours, smooth textures and clean ingredients list. Most importantly, the babies who tried these foods loved them.

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