Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

Best forParents looking for a durable sippy cup that does the most to prevent leaks while being easy for their baby to grip and drink from

Top Benefits360-degree drinking lid with automatic seal, minimal leaks, two handles for easy gripping, dishwasher-safe

ConsiderationsNo volume indicators

Bottom lineMunchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup lets your little one learn how to drink from a cup like a big kid, and is travel-friendly and spill-resistant to boot.


well.caCAD $8.99


  • 360-degree drinking from lid (no spout our straw)
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Colours available: pink, green, orange and blue


Learning how to drink from a cup is a big deal for little ones, and a good sippy cup. goes a long way toward preventing tears over spilled milk. The Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup uses an innovative design that lets toddlers drink from all sides of the cup instead of from a spout or straw, mimicking drinking from a regular glass. Its curved handles are easy for small hands to grip, and the cup is both easy to clean and spill-proof—features that were popular with our editors and parent testers alike. It's worth noting that some parents said that their little ones found the cup too heavy or difficult to drink from, but others said it worked great, so it might be something your little one needs a bit more time to grow into.

The Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup has three separate pieces to assemble: the cup, the collar (the piece that has the handles attached) and the silicone valve. Assembly isn’t difficult, but our editors found they had to grip the cup from the bottom in order to keep their hands out of the way when screwing the collar onto the cup. The plastic has a fine, matte texture that makes it easy to grip and the handles are smooth and curl inwards. The silicone valve simply pops into place.

My son loves that he can sip the cup from wherever and he can get liquid. It has helped prepare him for drinking from a regular cup.” —Marie, mom of two

All of our testers noted that the cup was easy to assemble and keep clean, either by handwashing or throwing the components into the dishwasher (top rack only). To test this ourselves, our editors stained the sippy cup with tomato sauce in the lab, then washed the cup with soapy water. We were pleased to see that after washing, only light staining from the pasta sauce remained around the lid’s rubber ring, which wasn't noticeable with the lid screwed on. Compared to other sippy cups we tested, lingering smells were hardly noticeable, even with your nose in the cup.

I am a big fan of this cup especially because of the spill-proof feature. We can throw it in the diaper bag and my daughter can throw it across the room (because that's a thing she loves doing) without any concern of it spilling.” —Kristen, mom of two

Babies and toddlers can spend hours throwing things, with a particular joy being found in dropping items from the elevated perch of a highchair. Our editors dropped the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup numerous times from counter height to test for durability and leaks. Not only did the cup not break, it didn't even dent, and only once did enough water droplets splash out to require a cloth for clean up (rather than, say, the bottom of your sock). 

None of our parent testers reported sippy cup leaks while their child was drinking, and most agreed the Munchkin Miracle is travel-friendly. A few of our parent testers said this sippy cup was a little hard for their kid to drink from or that it was heavy for them to hold, but others appreciated its travel-friendly design and that it gave their child a chance to learn how to drink from something similar to a regular cup.

My child likes to wake in the middle of the night for a drink of water and I was never comfortable leaving something in her crib because it would leak. We can leave this in the crib without it leaking.” —Alyssa, mom of one


Most parents liked the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup—and they liked it a lot. Fans rated its ease of use, quality and value as very good, and said it was neither too big nor too small for their child, but some parents said it was too heavy for their little ones. (As with most feeding gear, it's going to come down to your kid's likes and development, which can vary quite a bit.) Parent testers especially felt that the cup's durability and effectiveness in containing liquids added to its value, and our editors agree. Easy for little ones to grip while avoiding leaks like a champ, the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup is dishwasher-safe and dentist-recommended, making it a sippy cup that's well worth a try.

Tech Specs

  • Sizes available
    7 oz.
  • Ages suitable for
    6+ months

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