Plastic Baby Bottles

Thinkbaby Baby Bottles

Thinkbaby Baby Bottles

Best forParents who want the convenience of plastic but worry about chemicals

Top BenefitsA focus on safe plastics, simple bottle design with only 4 pieces, bottle can transition to a sippy cup

ConsiderationsVenting system can be a bit tricky to clean, nipples could invert and frustrate some babies, age recommendations for nipples aren’t clearly marked

Bottom lineThinkbaby bottles have a straightforward design, are mostly easy to clean, and should make parents feel more comfortable about using plastic bottles


gothinkbaby.caCAD $34.95
gothinkbaby.comUSD $19.99


  • Anti-colic nipple to reduce gas and spit up
  • No-spill nipple mimics breastfeeding by requiring baby to initiate flow
  • Free of BPA, BPS, phthalates, PET, PS, PA, nitrosamines, melamine, dioxins and biologically harmful chemicals
  • Dishwasher-safe on top rack


The founder of Thinkbaby launched the company after working in a lab studying chemicals found in consumer products. So it’s no surprise that Thinkbaby’s plastic baby bottles are not only BPA-free, but are also free of several other “biologically toxic chemicals,” according to the company. If you worry about plastics but don’t think you have the hand-eye coordination for glass bottles (who wants broken glass with a baby around?), Thinkbaby Baby Bottles might be a good choice for you.

BPA is banned in baby bottles sold in Canada, the United States and the European Union due to concerns related to the chemical’s estrogen-mimicking properties.
Ease of use

Thinkbaby’s bottle design is uncomplicated, so it’s quick to put together and take apart. The volume markings are easy to read, and the neck of the bottle is wide enough to scoop in formula without spilling too much of that precious powder on the counter. We didn’t see any leaks while preparing a bottle, and our parent testers noticed only the smallest bit of leaking while feeding. They also felt it was comfortable to hold during a feeding.

Thinkbaby’s nipples come in two stages and are made from extra-soft, medical-grade silicone. Generally, soft things and babies go great together, but one of our parent testers said the nipples inverted too frequently, frustrating her son. Our testers also had to do research online to figure out the recommended age ranges for the nipples included in the starter set. (We’ll save you the work: Stage A nipples are recommended for babies 0 - 6 months, Stage B for 6 - 12 months.)

The nipple has a unique cross-cut design, which absolutely minimizes spillage. We held every bottle we tested upside down for 30 seconds, and it was the only one that didn’t lose a single drop of prepared formula. This means your little one will have to do most of the work to start the flow when feeding, as she would with breastfeeding. Depending on your baby’s preferences and how much bottle-feeding you've done, that might be a good thing or cause for frustration.

Thinkbaby’s venting system is unlike any we’ve seen—one narrow tube attached to the underside of the nipple. But this tubular structure means milk or formula can get trapped inside, and two of our hands-on parent testers did report that it took some extra attention to clear it out. That said, none said there was any increase in their baby’s gassiness or spitting up during or after feedings, so it did the job.

“This is a good system for the price. It’s easy to clean and fill.” — Kim, mom of two

With only four pieces, we love how quickly and easily Thinkbaby bottles clean up—because who wants to spend the one golden hour you get to yourself at night scrubbing itty-bitty pieces of plastic? A long soak in a sink full of soapy water and a bit of spaghetti sauce didn’t stain any of the bottle’s plastics, and even the smell was gone after we boiled the bottle parts for five minutes.

The bottle also travels well. The cap snaps on easily, and it was one of the few that stayed on the bottle every time we knocked it over from counter height in our drop test. So you can toss it in a diaper bag and not worry about having to deal with a messy leak.

Final word

Our parent testers felt the Thinkbaby Starter Set offered very good to average quality and ease of use, and good value. We like Thinkbaby's commitment to using safe plastics and reducing plastic waste. Their bottle is well-made, easy to use and should cross a few things off your worry list.

Thinkbaby sells conversion kits to transform its bottles into sippy cups when your little one is ready to graduate from the bottle. Not only does this add value, it reduces how much plastic ends up in landfills.

Tech Specs

  • Bottle sizes and materials
    Set includes two 5-oz bottles and two 9-oz bottles
    Bottle base and all plastic components are made from polypropylene
  • Nipple
    Set includes three Stage A nipples (0 - 6 months) and three Stage B nipples (6 - 12 months)
    Made from medical-grade silicone

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