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Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle

Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle

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Best forMoms who want an easier to clean anti-colic bottle

Top BenefitsAngled shape, venting system, easy to clean

ConsiderationsTravel lid pops off when dropped, nipple easily stains

Bottom lineThe angled shape makes for a comfortable and air bubble-free feeding


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walmart.comUSD $5.49


  • The venting system is in the base of the bottle, keeping air away from breast milk or formula, which helps prevent painful gas
  • An angled head allows for easier semi-upright feeding, which is recommended to prevent ear infections
  • Removable top and bottom makes cleaning easier
  • Compatible with all Playtex nipples
  • Dishwasher safe in top rack


Unlike a lot of other bottles on the market, the Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle's anti-colic venting system is built into the bottom of the bottle, not in the nipple. The bottle also has lots of parts—nipples, nipple ring and caps—that are compatible with other Playtex Baby products, so it's easy to switch from one bottle to another, depending on your needs.

As your baby feeds, a bottle's venting system is working to make sure that air flows into the bottle instead of into his tummy, which helps reduce gas, burps and spit-up—all things that are rumoured to contribute to colic. Of course, the science on what exactly causes colic is still fuzzy (and changing all the time), but parents of colicky babies are often willing to try almost anything.
Ease of use

The Playtex Baby VentAire features an angled head, which is a lot easier on your wrist when you're feeding baby in a semi-upright position, which is recommended to help prevent ear infections. (Skeptical that it really makes a difference? Moms have told us they didn't realize their wrists were uncomfortable during feedings until they tried a bottle with an angled head.)

The bottle features a wide mouth, which is helpful when it comes to making a bottle for baby. You’ll be happy to know that there wasn’t any leaking when we vigorously shook and swirled the bottle during formula prep. And the volume markers were clear and easy to read. Even with its angled shape, we had no problems warming the VentAire in a standard bottle warmer.

The VentAire comes with the Playtex NaturaLatch nipple, which is designed to help baby switch easily between breast and bottle. (The VentAire is also compatible with all Playtex nipples—and there are a lot of them!—so you'll have many options to meet your baby's changing needs.) Wider than some nipples, the NaturaLatch has a raised texture that's designed to help babies latch. While one of our hands-on parent testers said her baby had a particularly difficult time latching on to this bottle, other testers had no problems. It's a good reminder that some babies don't like some nipples that others love—there's a bit of trial and error to finding the right bottle for your babe. 

"I liked the angle of the bottle—it made it easier to keep the liquid in the nipple so my son was not sipping air." — Aubrey, mom of two

There are six pieces to this bottle, so it's going to take a bit more work to clean the VentAire compared to bottles that have fewer parts. While the wider mouth makes these bottles easier to clean, you’ll still need a good bottle brush to get into the curves of the angled head. It's also worth noting that the nipple stained after we left it soaking overnight in a sink full of soapy water with a bit of spaghetti sauce added in. Even a spin in the dishwasher didn't get it back to pristine condition—just something to keep in mind if you're fussy about that sort of thing (smell, however, was not an issue).

While the travel lid popped off the VentAire in every one of our drop tests from counter height, the bottle generally travels well so long as the nipple and travel lid are lined up correctly (there's a section in the inside and top of the travel lid that the nipple should be placed into). We carried a bottle full of formula around in a diaper bag, and there were no leaks after a 30-minute walk.

Final word

Easy and comfortable to hold, this is the only angled anti-colic bottle that we looked at. Our parent testers all rated the VentAire as having good quality, ease of use and value. At a lower price point than some other bottles, this is a budget-friendly option for parents looking to try an anti-colic system.

Tech Specs

  • Bottle sizes and materials
    Sizes available: 6 oz, 9 oz
    BPA-free plastic
  • Nipple
    Made from BPA-free silicone

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