Glass baby bottles

Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle

Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle

Best forFamilies looking for an eco-friendly and effective feeding option

Top BenefitsLightweight, stylish, made from sustainable materials

ConsiderationsNeeds a bottle brush to clean inside the bottle, natural rubber nipple is easily stained

Bottom lineThe Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle is as good for the environment as it is for babies



  • Anti-colic double valve helps prevent colic and gas
  • Thermal-shock resistant glass
  • 100% natural rubber nipple, made in Italy
  • All product packaging is made from sustainable material


Lightweight and durable, the Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle is made in France of borosilicate glass—a type of glass that is thermal shock-resistant and designed to withstand boiling and freezing. It comes with an all-natural rubber nipple that is made in Italy. If your little one is a fan of the Natursutten pacifier, you may want to give their bottles a try since both products are made with the same type of natural rubber.

Stylish and slim, these were the lightest nine-ounce bottles we tested, and our parent testers found them both comfortable to hold and easy to grip. The bottle also comes with an anti-colic double valve, which aims to ensure a more mom-like flow speed and help prevent colic and gas (hooray!). While none of our parent testers noticed any change in their baby’s digestion while testing the Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle, one mom felt that the anti-colic valve helped reduce leaking.

The Natursutten nipple is made from all-natural rubber that has a soft texture and a subtly sweet smell. All of our parent testers found that their baby quickly accepted and easily latched to the nipple. It's worth noting the Natursutten nipples only come in two flow rates (beginner and fast flow), though all of our testers felt the nipple’s flow speed was right for their baby.

The rubber was somewhat stickier than expected, but Maybe enjoyed holding it in her hand to feel it first before placing it in her mouth.” —Kim, mom of one

While the bottle is comprised of six pieces (bottle, collar, nipple, anti-colic valve, travel cap and seal), our parent testers found the Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle easy to assemble and take apart quickly. However, due to its narrow neck, you may need to take some extra care not to spill liquids or powdered formula during bottle prep. That said, none of our parent testers reported any problems with filling the bottles. Measuring exact amounts of liquid is also simple as the volume markers are clearly printed on the side of the bottle. After a hand-wash, a trip through the dishwasher and a sterilizing boil, the volume markers were still in tip-top shape (sometimes printed volume markers can scratch off with use, unlike markers that are etched or molded into the bottle's side).

None of our parent testers reported any problems when it came to cleaning the Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle, either by hand or in the dishwasher. Due to its slender shape, you may need to pull out a bottle brush to clean the inside of the bottle. If you've got time (ha!), it's worth washing the nipples in the sink without any other dishes to lower the chances of staining; we found the all-natural rubber nipple developed some serious stains when we left it to soak overnight in a mixture of water, dish soap and a bit of spaghetti sauce. While the rest of the bottle remained unscathed, the unsightly stains on the nipple remained even after it was boiled. (Note: The instructions say to not put the nipple in the dishwasher.) 

Even though this bottle is light and slender (thanks in part to its Danish design), that doesn't mean it's not sturdy. When dropped from counter height five times, the Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle did not crack, scratch or break. We did notice slight leakage (less than a teaspoon of liquid) when we carried the bottle around in a diaper bag for 30 minutes. We also noted some leaking during our 30-second shake test, with about one teaspoon of liquid escaping into the travel cap. However, none of our parent testers experience anything similar. Only one parent tester reported a little bit of leaking during feeding.


The Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle is a stylish choice for environmentally conscious parents looking for a natural option. Our parent testers agreed this bottle offers good quality and ease of use, and we feel the same. All of our testers unanimously described themselves as overall very satisfied with this bottle, even if they did have some concerns regarding its higher price point. We feel it is justifiable, however, based on the bottle's durability during lab testing and the quality of the materials used to make it.

This is a natural product that I feel good about using with my baby. The bottles are easy to clean and put back together. My baby had no problems drinking from this bottle.” —Justine, mom of three

Tech Specs

    Sizes available: 9 oz
    Borosilicate glass
    100% natural rubber
    Two stage flows: beginner and fast flow

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