Glass baby bottles

Mii Sophie la Girafe Glass Baby Bottle

Mii Sophie la Girafe Glass Baby Bottle

Best forSophie la Girafe fans, and parents looking for a glass bottle that travels well

Top BenefitsEasy to prep and clean, lightweight and durable for travel

ConsiderationsGlass bottles are heavier than plastic, tight-fitting travel lid may be difficult to remove for some people

Bottom lineThis sturdy, easy-to-use glass bottle is lighter than many others, making it a good choice for when you're on the go



  • Nipple designed to mimic mother's breast, to help with breast to bottle transition
  • Built-in Flutter Flex venting technology to help reduce colic and aid digestion
  • Wide mouth makes bottle and cleaning prep easy


Lightweight and compact, the super cute Mii Sophie la Girafe Glass Baby Bottle is great for on-the-go parents with babies transitioning to bottle feeding. Thanks to its wide neck, sturdy shape and tight-fitting travel lid, this made-in-the-USA borosilicate glass bottle is a breeze to prep, pack and tote around in a purse or diaper bag.

With an extra-wide base and sloped sides, the four-ounce Mii Sophie la Girafe Glass Baby Bottle is easy to grip and comfortable to hold. Of all the four-ounce glass bottles we tested, this one was the lightest—some of the older babies who tested the bottle were even able to hold it on their own. But it's also sturdy: it suffered no scratches, cracks or breakage after being dropped from counter height five times.

The Mii Sophie la Giraffe Glass Baby Bottle is built with Mii's “Flutter Flex” venting technology, designed to reduce baby's air intake while feeding, which can help with colic and aid digestion. As a triple vent process, the system works between the bottle, ring and nipple, keeping the number of parts to a minimum—which means less washing for parents.

Mii Sophie la Girafe nipples come in four flow stages ranging from newborn to nine months plus. Most of our parent testers were able to find one with a flow speed that felt right for their baby, and one noted her baby coughed less often than usual during bottle feedings—an indication the flow speed was right. Designed to help babies transition from breast to bottle, the top of the nipple features raised surface bumps to imitate the feel of mom along with a frosted bulb shaped to help baby keep her latch. And when baby starts teething, the smooth, rounded base of the nipple is designed to help soothe baby’s swollen gums. All but one of our baby testers took to the bottle right away, and none had issues with nipple collapse or inversion.

“The design is great for ease of use. Love that it's made with glass. I found it very easy to clean.” —Kama, mom of one

Prepping this bottle is easy thanks to a wide neck and pear shape that makes for an extra-sturdy bottom, as well as easy-to-read volume markers, and our testers agreed. They also agreed that pouring in both liquid and powdered formula without any spills was a piece of cake. The bottle didn’t even leak when shaken and swirled emphatically during formula prep. It also warmed nicely and wasn't too hot to hold right out of the bottle warmer. If you're sterilizing bottles in boiling water, the shape of the bottle also makes it easier to remove with kitchen tongs compared to typical cylindrical bottles. (Tip: Use silicone-tipped tongs to prevent metal from scraping the glass of the bottle.)

We found that cleaning the Mii Sophie la Girafe Glass Baby Bottle is easy, and most of our parent testers strongly agreed. The opening of the bottle is wide enough to fit a regular kitchen sponge—no need for bottle brushes here. While the bottle is dishwasher safe, in our lab tests, the nipple and travel lid retained the smell of detergent long after the bottle was washed, so we recommend washing the cap and nipple by hand and sterilizing them when needed. It's also worth noting that the travel lid can be tricky to clean completely, as it contains some crevices that a brush or sponge can't get into. We suggest rinsing throughly after each use so that no breastmilk or formula has a chance to harden in those tight spots.

The last thing you want from a bottle is leaking. While one of our parent testers reported very light leaking when prepping the bottle and when feeding their baby, none of the others had issues with leaking. Plus, most told us that the Mii Sophie la Girafe Glass Baby Bottle didn't leak when they were toting it in their diaper bag, and the travel cap stayed on. One parent even noted that she had difficulties removing the lid when she wanted to—it's that tight of a fit.

“I really liked the size and the ergonomic feel in my hand. I also loved the transparent glass with the light blue colour of the cap."—Andrea, mom of 3

Easy to assemble, disassemble and clean, the Mii Sophie la Girafe glass bottle is a sweet, simple option for parents looking for a durable glass bottle. Our parent testers all gave it good ratings for quality and ease of use. The price point is slightly higher than that of many other glass bottles, but it may well be worth it if you're looking for a lighter option to carry around—or if you're a Sophie la Girafe fan. With its secure travel lid and sturdy glass, we think this is a great option for parents looking for a reliable bottle to take with them on all their daily adventures.

Tech Specs

    Sizes available: 4 oz, 8 oz
    The body is made from thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass
    Made from medical grade silicone
    Available in 4 flow stages: 0+ months, 3+ months, 6+ months, 9+ months

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