Double Electric Breast Pumps

Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump

Best forMoms looking for a double electric breast pump at a mid-range price point that connects to an app for simple pumping tracking

Top BenefitsEasy to use, two-phase technology (letdown and expression phases), quiet, connects to Lansing Baby app for simple tracking of pumping, feedings, diapers and baby’s growth

ConsiderationsNo memory feature

Bottom lineThe Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump features two-phase technology and three pumping styles that allow moms to customize how they pump. Not only is it easy to use as a double or single pump, you can connect it to the Lansinoh Baby app for easy feeding and growth tracking.


walmart.caCAD $299.97


  • Connects with Lansinoh Baby app to seamlessly track pumping sessions
  • Backlit touchscreen display with timer
  • Includes tote bag, cooler bag, ice pack and extra bottles and lids for pumping on the go
  • Takes 6 AA batteries (for use without power adapter)


The Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump makes app-connected technology in a double breast pump affordable and accessible. With a choice of three pumping styles, eight suction levels and a handy let-down toggle switch, the Lansinoh Smartpump offers pumping moms a comfortable and customizable experience. But what really sets this pump apart is its ability to pair with the Lansinoh Baby app, allowing you to track both pumping and feeding as well as your baby’s growth and diaper changes. With so much easy-to-use technology offered at a comparatively low price point, both our editors and parents were impressed with the value of this double electric smart pump.


If you're new to the pumping game, assembling your breast pump for the first time can be intimidating. But the Lansinoh Smartpump is very approachable—six sturdy pieces of the pump set (the parts that fit over your breast and house the milk) fit together effortlessly, with minimal twists and snaps. While our editors found assembling the pump set an intuitive task, the manual is also super helpful, incorporating clear photos of each step to ensure you don’t lose your way. Only one mom in our group of testers found it somewhat difficult to get her pump set up and going, while all others reported smooth sailing. Once the pump sets have been put together, you simply have to slide one end of the tubing onto the back of the diaphragm cap and slip the other end onto the pump’s tubing input and voila!—you’re ready to go.


When pumping, comfort is a top priority, as pain is both unnecessary and can affect how much milk you're able to produce. The Lansinoh Smartpump keeps this in mind and comes equipped with the ComfortFit breast flange, featuring a soft silicone edge to prevent hard plastic from digging into the breast—a standout feature for one of our mom testers. This pump also comes with two breast flange size options, a 25-mm and a larger 30.5-mm, to ensure a proper fit, which not only reduces discomfort but also helps to strengthen suction. During their time with the Lansinoh Smartpump, none of our mom testers experienced any new nipple pain, cracking or bleeding. One tester in particular was so happy with the comfort of the Lansinoh Smartpump, it has replaced the pump she was using previously.

I was blown away by how comfortable it was to wear, and how much milk I pumped!" —Danielle, mom of two

The Lansinoh Smartpump combines two-phase technology, three different pumping styles and a range of eight suction levels to offer a customizable pumping experience. When the pump is turned on, it will begin in the let-down phase (a quick pulsing to initiate milk flow). After two minutes, the pump will automatically switch to the expression phase, in which you can choose the pumping style you prefer depending on which of three options best matches the feeding rhythm of your baby. The pump also features a let-down/expression toggle, allowing you to switch between the two settings as needed—a feature all our mom testers found very useful. Plus, the LCD screen on the pump’s interface displays a timer so you can easily see how long you’ve been pumping. Our editors found the controls on this pump very intuitive to use, and parent testers all agreed it was easy to use the various pumping styles and expression settings.

Suction strength is an important factor when considering breast pumps, as that will determine how efficiently and effectively you will be able to pump. All but one tester agreed the Lansinoh Smartpump provided good suction. (While the one tester was ambivalent on suction, she did say her breasts felt fully drained after a pumping session.) When measuring the suction strength of each double electric breast pump in our lab, our editors found the Lansinoh Smartpump to be one of the top performers, providing a strong seal without hurting the skin when used as either a double and single pump. While some testers did experience some leaking around the breast shield, these instances were described as just a few drops on the rare occasion. We found the sturdy individual bottle stands also help to keep bottles upright and in place when detaching bottles from the pump.

I enjoyed having three different pumping phases, and the app made it easy to track and use. My husband and I had a long drive to the cottage and the to-go battery option made it easy to pump in the car." —Stephanie, mom of one

Pumping on-the-go is a reality for many moms, and carting around a full double electric pumping setup can be cumbersome. To help make things a little easier, the Lansinoh Smartpump comes with a durable black tote to house all your pump’s parts, with room with the included portable cooler bag, icepacks, extra bottles and storage lids to keep breastmilk fresh and chilled if you’re out for the day. The majority of mom testers found the pump easy to pack up and use away from home. It's helpful that the Lansinoh Smartpump can be run on six AA batteries, so you aren’t confined to a spot by an outlet, plus you can pump should the power go out (because no blown fuse or wicked storm can stop your breasts from doing what they do).

Smart Technology

Lansinoh Smartpump’s smart technology allows you to connect your pump via Bluetooth to the Lansinoh Baby app. When paired with your Lansinoh Smartpump, the app will automatically track your pumping sessions, logging the date and duration of each session, and give you the option to record the milk output of each breast. The app also allows you to track your breastfeeding and bottle feeding, as well as your little one’s diaper changes and growth. Tapping into the app’s resource page will also give you access to helpful articles about pregnancy, breastfeeding, pumping and child raising. Keeping all this information in one place is handy for noticing patterns in your babe’s behaviour, as well as answering any questions your paediatrician might have. The app also allows you to export all its data into spreadsheets that you can email or message to other family members or your paediatrician.

In the lab, our editors found pairing the pump to their phone one seamless process; however, some parent testers had a little more trouble. The majority of moms found it easy or somewhat easy to navigate the app or use it to track their pumping sessions, but a couple had some difficulty. Nonetheless, most felt the app added to the pump’s overall value. Some even found using the app allowed them to more effectively plan their pumping sessions as well as track changes in their body, which can be extremely helpful when you begin your pumping journey and as your baby's needs change.


Compared to other double electric pumps, the Lansinoh Smartpump is one of the quietest models we’ve tested in our lab. None of our mom testers thought the pump would be loud enough to wake a sleeping baby or partner should you need to pump in the same room.


Keeping the components of your breast pump clean and sterilized is important, though tedious. Luckily, our editors found the six parts of the Lansinoh Smartpump sturdy and sizeable, making them easy to clean by hand—a sentiment echoed by parent testers. Our editors also appreciated that while the valve of the Lansinoh Smartpump is small (and could easily get lost), it is quite durable and would be difficult to tear while washing. If you do tear a valve or lose it, the pump comes with four replacements. This pump is designed to prevent milk from backing up into the tubing, so you don't need to wash the tube after each use.


The Lansinoh Smartpump is simple in design, with five straightforward and clearly labeled functions surrounding its LCD screen. What's more, all parts that come in contact with breastmilk are BPA and BPS free—a comforting thought when feeding your little one. Our mom testers all agreed the pump is lightweight, however a couple testers found themselves wishing for a little more mobility while pumping (something that's difficult to achieve when using any double electric pump, quite frankly). That being said, the breast flanges do detach from the rest of the pump set, making the Lansinoh Smartpump compatible with just about any hands-free pumping bustier. This will give you back the use of your hands to track pumping on your phone, use a computer or read a book.

The pump was easy to set up, easy to use and easy to clean. And you can’t beat this price for a smart double electric pump." —Tanisha, mom of two
Final Word

An effective and affordable breast pump, enhanced with smart technology, the Lansinoh Smartpump double electric breast pump impressed both our editors and mom testers alike. With its strong suction and rich collection of useful features—like two-phase technology and the choice between three pumping styles—our editors felt this pump offers moms a personal pumping experience. Plus, the ability to sync with the Lansinoh Baby app makes pumping, feeding, diapers and growth tracking that much easier. Overall, most of our parent testers gave this pump very good or good ratings for ease of use, quality and value, plus most moms said they preferred it to other pumps they've used. Testers also liked that it was easy to clean, comfortable and efficient, and they'd unanimously recommend this pump to other moms.

Tech Specs

  • PUMP
    All parts that come in contact with breast milk are BPA- and BPS-free
    Two-phase technology: letdown and expression phases
    Double or single pumping options
    3 pumping styles
    8-level suction adjustment
    A pair each of 25-mm and 30.5-mm breast shields included
    BPA- and BPS-free
    ComfortFit soft edges
    4 150-mL bottles with lids included
    2 NaturalWave Slow Flow nipples included
    BPA- and BPS-free
This article was originally published on Jul 16, 2018

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