Cocofloss Review: Kids Love This Stuff

We're never going back to the cheap drugstore stuff.

Cocofloss Review: Kids Love This Stuff

Bryce Gruber

We're obsessed with good dental hygiene in my house. I regularly research the best kids' toothpaste options, fun (and safe) floss products and clever gear to make brushing more fun. When I heard about Cocofloss, I knew I had to give it a whirl because my five kids are of all different ages and stages and I like products that are universally appealing for most.

This fluoride-free lineup relies on the power of n-HA to repair and remineralize teeth.

What is Cocofloss?

The brand of colorful dental hygiene products for families was founded by two sisters, a dentist and an artist, to effectively clean, rebuild, protect and nurture mouths. The product lineup consists of bestselling better-for-you dental flosses in brilliant dispensers, as well as colorful, inviting toothbrushes and enamel-protecting toothpaste in tasty flavors you're sure to love.

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Are Cocofloss products good for kids?

Yes! While the toothbrushes may be a bit large for toddler mouths, they were perfect for our seven, 10 and 11-year-old children. They were obsessed with the bright, trendy colors. They're also dentist-designed to remove about 40% more plaque between teeth compared to generic floss picks, and that's something to feel great about.

The refillable floss picks are good for kids even younger though, and come in mouth-watering flavors like Confetti Cake, Banana and Sweet Pineapple. The seven-year-old proclaimed "These flavors are so much better than mint because mint is too spicy for me!"

But the toothpastes are the brand's unsung heroes if you ask us. These tasty tubes feature n-HA (nano-hydroxyapatite), a mineral that mirrors the same one teeth naturally have. Dental enamel is 97% hydroxyapatite, a crystallized mineral combo of calcium and phosphate, while our dentin is 70% hydroxyapatite.

Cocofloss toothpaste features microscopic n-HA that acts like spackle on teeth's little holes and grooves, remineralizing with each use. That means using this delish stuff removes gunk and then strengthens teeth. Ah-mah-zing. It's a fluoride-free toothpaste option you can feel good about it if you're on the fence about using fluoridated products.


Other ingredients include bacteria-busting coconut oil, microbiome-beneficial xylitol, a smidgen of baking soda for whitening and soothing, hydrating natural aloe vera.

Our Cocofloss review

While the toothpaste was of particular interest, we did the hard work of reviewing both kid-friendly flavors, as well as the floss and toothbrushes. We loved each, but again, the toothpaste is what tickled our fancy the most.

My kids almost instantly reached for the Lychee Breeze flavor n-HA toothpaste. The soft pink packaging and promise of a non-mint flavor was enough to reel them in. And wow, they were thrilled by the flavor, texture and visual appeal.

My older kids don't mind minty-fresh toothpaste and floss, but the younger ones complain about mint being "spicy" so this just-sweet-enough lychee flavor was perfect. We all loved that it had no weird aftertaste and reminded us of a subtle fruit punch rather than a lychee-heavy drink.

The texture is smooth and nearly gel-like, not as pasty as a tube of Crest and definitely not lumpy or grainy the way many n-HA toothpastes can be.

Cocofloss toothpaste review, cocofloss toothpaste Bryce Gruber

"This toothpaste is way better than our old bubblegum-flavored one," shares my seven-year-old, David. "This tastes gentle-sweet and doesn't feel slimy on my teeth. I like that it feels good and I love my new turquoise toothbrush!"

The mint formula was a personal favorite though, as it had the refreshing flavor I love and am used to more lightly and with less aggressive tongue tingling. The greenish-hued tube is happily stashed on my bathroom vanity while the pink is proudly displayed in the kids' bathroom.

And, we all loved the floss because picks make it easier for little hands to get to hard-to-reach places. The idea that we're even a tiny bit greener and less wasteful is appealing as well, and the flavors? Pssh, fuggedaboudit. The kids were obsessed.

The kids all swooned for the bright, eye-catching toothbrushes though. Each is made with about 98% recycled OceanWorks plastic, which is ocean-bound plastic is any plastic trash that exists within about 31 miles of a waterway or coastal area.


  • Game-changing flavors kids love
  • Vegan-friendly formulas
  • Exciting packaging that makes kids want to brush and floss
  • Eco-friendly product lineup wastes less water and resources in production
  • Fluoride-free
  • Helps reverse sensitivity
  • Remineralizes teeth with n-HA
  • The brand's n-HA particles are 25 times smaller than the required size to remineralize enamel, which means you can be sure even the smallest damaged spots see improvement
  • Oral microbiome-balancing xylitol and antibacterial coconut oil top the list of other ingredients


  • A bit pricier than drugstore oral care brands, but worth every penny

Final verdict


9.5/10—a must-try. My kids loved the vibrant "not-spicy" toothpaste flavors and inviting packaging that makes oral hygiene less of a chore. I loved the enamel-building ingredients in the toothpaste, dentist-created formulations and low-waste packaging that's easy to feel good about.

If you're already investing in the best kids' mattress and brain-developing toddler books, it makes sense to take care of their smiles. We'll certainly be back for more Lychee toothpaste and floss refills!

Where to buy Cocofloss

The best place to find the entire product range is the Cocofloss website, where you can buy individual products, bundles and gift sets. Or, you can score a variety of the brand's bestsellers on Amazon. Prices start at about $18 for generously sized products.

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