Big Fig Mattress Review: A Supportive Dream

Need more supportive? This "bigger figure" mattress promises the most.

Big Fig Mattress Review: A Supportive Dream


Finding the perfect mattress can be daunting. It’s an essential part of a good night’s rest, and with so many options, the possibilities seem endless. Unlike kids' beds, adult mattresses can be personalized to better suit your body’s needs. This is especially true for those with greater weight and in need of added support.

If you have a bigger figure, the Big Fig mattress offers everything you need to sleep better. Be prepared to make an investment in your sleep, because these beds definitely aren't cheap Walmart mattresses.

What is a Big Fig mattress?

The Big Fig (short for bigger figure—get it?) is a hybrid mattress made with thermogel-treated fabric to help lower body temperature for an “actively cool sleeping experience,” perforated gel-infused latex foam which helps with airflow, three comfort layers of high-density poly foam and a pocketed coil support system.

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The Big Fig also promises no-sag cushioning for ultimate comfort. If you’re worried about support, the frame and foundation (ordered separately) are constructed with 18 slats and double center rails which take on “up to five times the weight of a typical foundation.”

Layers of high-density foam are ideal for side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers and those who need a little extra comfort. The bed's construction promises you won't toss and turn all night.

My Big Fig review

It’s been a while since we’ve purchased a new mattress and it’s difficult to find one that meets both mine and my husband’s expectations—especially one that keeps us cool and provides enough support—but not too much. The firmness level on the Big Fig lies on the very firm side (a level seven to eight on the brand's own scale).


This brilliant bed is also made to hold up to 550 pounds per sleeper, so firm support should be expected. My husband and I both were actually able to stand on the bed and didn’t feel as if we’d sink into it. Amazing, right?

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To set up the mattress, simply open the plastic wrap and let it unfurl. It takes a few hours to fully expand, but it’s easy and convenient. I recently suffered a back injury, so this mattress provided the perfect test. I wanted to not feel as if the mattress swallowed me with every movement and the Big Fig gave me that.

It does have a light cooling effect which helped with night sweats. In terms of firmness, I didn’t feel my partner move around at night. For extra cooling, you can also order the ultra-breathable cooling sheet set that is eco-friendly, made from TENCEL Lyocell fibers.

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Overall, I enjoyed sleeping on something that cradled my back without causing more pain while also giving my husband a restful night of sleep. After I tested the Big Fig for several weeks, I'm happy to report feeling well-rested thanks to clever edge support, a coil layer and cooling top layers.


  • Quick and easy to unravel the mattress and let it balloon to full capacity
  • Comes with a unique cooling effect to help you stay comfortable
  • Queen and king sizes are ideal for families with kids crawling in
  • Available cooling sheets to cool off even more (sold separately)
  • Incredibly sturdy for a wide range of weights
  • Comes in twin, twin XL, full, king, queen, California king, and split king
  • Ideal for those who like a firm mattress
  • 20-year guarantee and a 120-night sleep trial to try before you buy
  • The added support is also idea for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy
  • Made in the USA
  • White glove delivery


  • Pricey but most luxury mattresses on the market are (and worth it)
  • Available added bed frame for greater weights comes at an added cost of about $300 (or more depending on mattress size)
  • Extra firm feeling, so if you prefer a softer sleep experience you probably won't like this one (though we love the firm support)

Final verdict

If you’re looking for a solid mattress that does as advertised, the Big Fig is it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a “bigger figure” or not because this mattress accommodates every body type and size. We tried the queen-size mattress, but with twin, twin XL, full and king options available as well, there's really something for almost everyone.

Where to buy a Big Fig mattress

Purchase the Big Fig on the brand's website, where more than 5,000 people have rated it and given it a 4.5-star rating. Prices range between $1100 for a twin and $2400 for a split king, but the cost of sleep is priceless. Watch out for Big Fig offers—the brand often runs sales and promotions making these top-rated beds even more affordable.


How to set up a Big Fig mattress

The Big Fig is easy to set up. Simply remove the mattress from the box and cut open the plastic wrap. The mattress unfolds and expands with air volume on its own once unwrapped and placed in position.

How much weight can the Big Fig mattress hold?

The Big Fig can hold up to 550 pounds per person, or up to 1100 pounds.

How firm is the Big Fig mattress?


It’s on the high end of firm, but great for those who enjoy a more supportive mattress that cradles with extra support. While the brand's website says the Big Fig is about a seven or eight out of 10 on the firmness scale, we found it to be more like an eight or nine.

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This article was originally published on Aug 01, 2023

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