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Boba 4G Carrier

Boba 4G Carrier

Best forParents looking for a high-quality but simple strap-on-and-go baby carrier

Top BenefitsErgonomic support for baby, deep seat, comfortable fabric

ConsiderationsNo extra padding around leg openings, narrower waist strap

Bottom lineEasy to use and designed to ergonomically support your babe, the Boba 4G is decked out with features to keep your little one safe and comfy while you’re babywearing


bestbuy.caCAD $179
boba.comUSD $150


  • Infant insert for use from 7 lbs.
  • Removable foot straps to support baby's legs and hips
  • Detachable hood
  • Zippered pocket on the waistbelt
  • Purse strap holder to keep your bag comfortably secure
  • Machine washable if necessary (spot treatment is recommended)


Parents know even the smallest of kids can feel heavy after you've been carrying them around for hours on end. That’s one of the reasons why finding a comfortable baby carrier is key. The Boba 4G is a versatile, soft-structured carrier that can be used for babies from seven pounds (with an infant insert) and toddlers up to 45 pounds. It’s got two ergonomic carry positions so you can wear your baby in a front carry inward facing or in a back carry. Plus, it comes with a number of accessories, including the infant insert, a detachable hood and foot straps.


The Boba 4G is designed to allow your baby to relax in a natural frog-leg seated position, which encourages normal hip development. (This means your baby’s hips fall apart naturally, while the legs and thighs are supported and the knees are slightly bent.) The 4G has been certified as a safe carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and complies with all safety standards. It also comes with removable foot straps that can offer your baby additional support and encourage a healthier position.

When using a baby carrier, it's important to keep your little one's face clear so his breathing isn’t restricted, while also maintaining good support; the Boba makes this easier with adjustable straps on each side of the carrier so that parents can quickly and easily bring the child closer or give them a little room. Parents using the Boba 4G with newborns have to ensure that they’ve properly adjusted the carrier to ensure baby sits at the right height—you want to ensure you're keeping your little one visible and kissable. The carrier does have some head and neck support (everyone agreed it could provide a bit more), but it also comes comes with a snap-on sleeping hood to give your babe extra support. The integrated infant insert means you can safely wear your wee one, plus it can be used in two positions so the carrier can continue to safely hold your child as they grow. Our parent testers also felt the Boba 4G provided great support to their children’s upper legs, which again encourages healthy hip development.


Our editors and parent testers agree the Boba 4G ensures your babe is safe and comfortable. The carrier is made from 100 percent cotton so it won’t irritate your little one's skin, plus it’s got a small, soft pillow for the baby to sit on. For the most part, the little ones who helped to test the Boba 4G were able to move their arms, upper legs and heads around freely. And there were no concerns from parents that their child was overheating in this carrier.

I love how the hood helps support my baby's head when she's sleeping.” Sophie, mom of one

When it comes to how our parent testers felt while using the Boba 4G, most agreed the shoulder straps are nicely padded for their comfort. The same goes with the waist belt, which our testers said helps to evenly distribute baby’s weight. Most people found the carrier did a decent job of distributing the weight across their shoulders. One parent did experience minimal straining in the lower back when her little one fell asleep and wasn’t supporting themselves.

Overall, our parent testers—including their partners and other family members who tried this carrier—felt quite comfortable while wearing the Boba 4G. This carrier is built to accommodate people of all sizes; people from a XS to XXL will be able to adjust the straps to their comfort. While our editors thought the straps may be a bit loose even after adjusting them as far as they could, none of our parent testers shared the same concern. They all felt that their kids are secure and sat comfortably against their bodies.


It takes a while to get used to babywearing and every carrier has it’s own unique instructions. That being said, our parent testers agreed that the provided instructions to set up and fit the Boba 4G are very easy to follow. When it came to placing their babies in the carrier, parents also found the instructions relatively simple, though our lab would have appreciated more detailed instructions for first-time parents. Half of our parent testers also felt they didn’t need to consult the manual a second time.

Adjusting this carrier is pretty straightforward—a big plus if two or more people are sharing babywearing duty. Our parent testers found the shoulder straps and waist clip easy to manipulate and the chest and back clips slightly less so. Loosening the straps to remove the baby from the carrier poses no problem, nor does tucking away excess straps with the built-in elastics. If parents are wearing their baby in the front carrying position, popping their babes in and out isn’t tricky in the least. A back carry, of course, takes a bit more practice, but most parents felt that it is only slightly more difficult.

The carrier offers two additional features parents love: Multiple pockets and a purse strap holder that secures your bag so it doesn't slide off your shoulder or dig into that muscle at the base of your neck. Being able to tuck your keys and phone into the zippered waist pocket is quite convenient. And if you have another bag, it’s nice to be able to secure it to the carrier without carrying something else on your shoulder.

The Boba 4G takes the baby’s and the wearer’s comfort into consideration, and ups the convenience factor of baby wearing by providing pockets and removable features. It's easy to quickly master putting this carrier on.” Jessica, mom of three

Like everything else your baby comes into contact with, a bit of TLC is inevitably going to be necessary. The Boba 4G is machine washable, though the company only recommends doing so if really necessary. However, you can spot clean the product with soap and water. As with most carriers, the Boba 4G has to be air dried. When we asked our parent testers about tackling small messes, they all agreed that spot cleaning this carrier is simple.


The Boba 4G has a pretty average price point among baby carriers, but you get a lot for your dollars. It's been deemed safe by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It's also a well-made carrier: The editors who work in our lab noted that the stitching is nice and tight and the material is sturdy and unlikely to snag easily. Our parent testers were unanimously happy with the material and construction of the Boba 4G, and one even said that this carrier feels “durable and sturdy without being bulky,” which is plus when you’re already carrying your tot. Given the price, our parent testers were also happy with the number of accessories included with the carrier. Last but not least, because of its ability to grow with your child and the quality of the carrier, the 4G offers a great deal of longevity.

The Boba 4G is not the most expensive carrier on the market, but it's got great features and it offers more than what I would expect at the price point.” Sophie, mom of one

Thanks to the quality, ease of use and value, our parent testers unanimously agree on three things when it comes to the Boba 4G: They would each purchase this carrier; they would recommend this carrier to other parents and parents-to-be; and they would all award this carrier the Today’s Parent Approved seal. Not only is the Boba 4G easy to get the hang of, it provides safety and comfort to your growing babe from infancy to toddlerhood. Plus, it includes all of the accessories you’ll need for maximum support, and parents love the numerous pockets for tucking away their own things.

Tech Specs

  • Weight range
    7-45 lbs.
  • Weight of carrier
    2.2 lbs.
  • Waistband range
    25-58 in.
  • Carrying positions
    Front inward
  • Materials
    100% cotton
  • Accessories
    Teething pads (sold separately)
This article was originally published on Nov 16, 2017

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