Nuk Breeze Orthodontic Pacifier

Nuk Breeze Orthodontic Pacifier

Best forBabies who are easily distracted by a pacifier's handle

Top BenefitsUniquely shaped nipple that doesn't stain

ConsiderationsNo handle

Bottom lineThis orthodontic, handle-free pacifier is well-constructed and stain-resistant for easy cleaning



  • Orthodontic asymmetrical nipple shape naturally fits baby's mouth
  • Scooped nipple shape maximizes tongue movement
  • Shield designed with cutouts to allow for more air flow to reduce skin irritation


Available in variety of colourful patterns and two different stages (0-6 months and 6-18 months), the Nuk Breeze Orthodontic Pacifier comes two to a pack—giving you an always-important back-up pacifier. It also has a unique nipple shape that your baby might find appealing. In our lab tests, we found that this BPA-free pacifier is well-constructed and simple to clean.

In our lab tests, the scooped, asymmetrical shape of the clear silicone nipple felt strong, and parent testers reported that it kept its shape well, held up to being chewed and was light enough for their babies to use comfortably. Initially, one parent tester was concerned that the Nuk Breeze doesn't have a handle, but after using it for a while she found that it was less distracting for her baby and he slept more soundly as a result. The infinity-shaped shield of the pacifier is designed to reduce skin irritation.

“The quality is good, it's cute and the price is on par with others. The Nuk brand is very well-known.” —Amanda, mom of one

To test how easily the pacifiers would stain, we left them overnight in a sink of soapy water with a bit of prepared spaghetti sauce. After we drained the water and hand-washed the Nuk Breeze, it retained a slight pasta-sauce odour and there was some moisture in the nipple, but no staining. A run through the dishwasher got rid of the smell, and there was no moisture left inside the nipple. We also boiled the pacifiers for five minutes, and while the nipple was full of water afterward, it was easily expressed. (This is pretty typical of pacifiers with two-piece construction. It's perfectly safe for your little one as long as you squeeze out the water.)

When it comes to accepting pacifiers, babies preference really comes into play. Parent testers whose babies didn’t initially accept the pacifier kept offering the Nuk Breeze, and their babies eventually took to it after a few days of trying, which is in line with what we'd expect with any pacifier.

It's a good idea to test the strength of your baby's pacifier before each use. Just give the nipple a strong tug in all directions—if it separates from the shield at all, or if you notice any tears or cracks, discard it immediately.
Final word

More than half of our parent testers said they would recommend the Nuk Breeze Orthodontic Pacifier to other parents and felt that it offered good value. In our lab tests, we appreciated how easily the pacifier cleaned up, even when faced with our spaghetti-sauce test. We also found the Nuk Breeze was sturdily constructed and the nipple had a smooth feel and didn't have any sort of plastic taste (yes, we tried each pacifier).

Tech Specs

  • Construction
    Made from silicone
    2-piece design
  • Sizes available
    0-6 months, 6-18 months
    Sold in packs of two
This article was originally published on Jun 01, 2017

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