Dr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Pacifier

Dr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Pacifier

Best forBabies who are pacifier devotees and might have a hard time breaking the habit as they get older

Top BenefitsPatented air channel, orthodontic design

ConsiderationsFew gender-neutral design options

Bottom lineDr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Pacifier is a well-made pacifier that is designed to limit dental issues



  • Patented suction-free air channel helps reduce suction and palatal pressure
  • Soft, suction-release bulb spreads wider as baby sucks for low pressure comfort
  • Thin-stem design is minimally intrusive on baby’s mouth
  • Dishwasher safe in top rack


Dr. Brown's is well-known for their baby bottles, but they also make pacifiers. The Dr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Pacifier offers a few features that differentiate it from other brands. The PreVent's air channel and overall design are meant to reduce the pressure inside your baby's mouth as he or she sucks. There's some concern that sucking pressure can lead to dental issues later in life (assuming your child is still using a pacifier after the age of two or three), so the PreVent's orthodontic design is a plus. Its contoured shield is also gentle on your baby's face.

"This pacifier worked well for us. I liked its appearance and the air channel." —Visnja, mom of one

Our hands-on parent testers all agreed the Dr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Pacifier's construction is strong, and that it holds its shape well, even when their child chews on it. Like most pacifiers, we found it easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher, and so did our at-home testers. In our lab tests, we noticed some staining and smelliness on the nipple after we let it soak overnight in soapy water and a bit of spaghetti sauce, but a run through the dishwasher cleared away the smell. When we boiled the pacifier for five minutes (as you would to sterilize it), some of the boiled water got trapped inside the nipple, but we were able to squeeze it out with little effort.

The PreVent pacifier has a handle that you can attach a pacifier clip or soother saver to, if that's something you look for. It comes in lots of cute designs, but mainly in traditional pink or blue tones.

A few things you should never do with a pacifier: Never attach a pacifier to anything that is long enough to loop around your baby's neck. Don't let it hang out in direct sunlight as this degrades the materials. Don't dip the pacifier in medication or juice.
Final word

All of our parent testers rated the quality and ease of use of the Dr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Pacifier as either good or very good, and they felt the value was average to good. They all felt safe giving it to their baby, and a majority thought it deserved the Today's Parent Approved seal. You'll probably need to do a bit of experimenting before you find a pacifier your baby likes, and we agree that Dr. Brown's PreVent Contoured Pacifier is a great option to add to your list of ones to try.

Tech Specs

  • Construction
    3-piece design
    Contoured shield
  • Sizes available
    0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12+ months
    Sold in packs of two

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