Baby diapers

Parent’s Choice Baby Diapers

Parent’s Choice Baby Diapers

Best forParents looking for a budget-friendly diaper

Top BenefitsLow price point, stretchy and secure tabs, unscented

ConsiderationsMay not be ideal for overnight use

Bottom lineParent's Choice Baby Diapers offer good absorbency for daytime use, at a price point that's hard to match



  • Stretchy side panels
  • Wetness indicator
  • Less bulky than some diapers
  • Unscented


Our editors and parent testers did the dirty work for you, putting diapers to the test to find which ones offer the best ease of use, quality and value. Our pick for a super affordable diaper that works well for daytime use is Parent's Choice Baby Diapers. Available from newborn to size six, this unscented diaper absorbs liquids well, is comfortable for babes and has a price that can’t be beat.


To test absorbency in our lab, we poured coloured water into the diaper so we could see how liquid would distribute, and especially if any would migrate up the leg cuffs. The Parent's Choice Baby Diapers performed well in this test: while the liquid spread throughout the diaper, it didn't travel up the leg cuffs. Only a couple of diapers were able to keep liquid well away from the sides, so this diaper's performance was pretty standard. Most of our parent testers agreed that the diapers do a fairly good job of absorbing urine and keeping it away from their child’s skin. Rarely did any of the testers experience leaks, and when they did, they mostly described them as light.

Our parent testers had polar opinions on overnight performance: 40 percent strongly agreed that they feel confident using this diaper overnight, while 60 percent strongly disagreed. To test for nighttime performance in our lab, we placed ½ cup of water in the diaper, placed a weight on it to simulate a sleeping child and let it sit overnight. In the morning, the core of the diaper felt soft and dry, though there was a bit of dampness toward the back. We also noticed some dampness on the outside of the diaper in the morning.

While you may or may not have luck with these diapers overnight, our editors and parent testers feel that these diapers are a super budget-friendly option for daytime use, when you're changing baby more often (and going through more diapers—which really adds up!).

Surprisingly, this is the cheapest disposable diaper on the market, but it holds a lot. Its absorbency is great. The compact size means more diapers per package (more bang for your buck), plus you can carry more in your bags compared to thicker diapers from other brands.” —Dawn, mom of one

Kids spend their days learning and playing, and a diaper shouldn’t get in the way of that. Most of our parent testers found that Parent's Choice Baby Diapers are comfortable for their kids: they fit well and are stretchy, so kids can move around freely, but they still sit securely around the waist. All but one of our parent testers said they never noticed their child tugging on their diaper—an indication that kids are uncomfortable or find the diaper bulky. And most parents said that the fasteners don’t irritate or rub against their little one’s skin.

I found that these diapers are as easy to use as any other diaper. There are no surprises, other than having to change them more frequently.” —Cat, mom of two

All of our parent testers told us it's easy to put Parent's Choice Baby Diapers on their babe and take them off, whether they're at home or on the go. Most testers found it easy to secure and release the tabs—a big plus if you have toddler who can’t sit still! And our editors were quite impressed with the quality of the tabs; not only are they flexible, but they showed no signs of tearing in our tests. These diapers also have a wetness indicator, so you can tell when your little one needs a change. New parents, who need to keep track of how often their little one has wet diapers, may find this especially useful. Bonus: All but one of our testers found it easy to toss dirty diapers without any spills or leaky messes.


When it comes to the price, Parent's Choice diapers can’t be beat. (Prices vary by diaper size and the quantity in a pack, but a value pack in size three, for example, will only cost 14 cents per diaper.) Most of our parent testers said these diapers offer good value, especially during the day when you're changing baby often. Our editors also like that the sizes are very clearly marked on the box of diapers, so even the most sleep-deprived parent won’t accidentally buy the wrong one.

These diapers are very good for their price and can withstand daily wear. As a daytime diaper that is wallet friendly, I would highly recommend them.” —Misty, mom of two

Parent's Choice Baby Diapers are a budget-friendly option for daytime use. Thanks to stretchy yet strong tabs, these diapers are easy to take on and off and help ensure a good, comfy fit. Plus, this diaper is less bulky than others and flexible enough that little ones are free to move around and play. The majority of our parent testers rated these diapers good for quality, ease of use and value, and all but one tester would buy these diapers and recommend them to other parents.

Tech Specs

  • Sizes available
    Newborn: Less than 10 lbs.
    Size 1: 8-14 lbs.
    Size 2: 12-18 lbs.
    Size 3: 16-28 lbs.
    Size 4: 22-37 lbs.
    Size 5: Over 27 lbs.
    Size 6: Over 35 lbs.
This article was originally published on Nov 18, 2017

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