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Huggies Little Movers Diapers

Huggies Little Movers Diapers

Best forSuper active babies and toddlers

Top BenefitsSoft liner, stretchy waistband and leg cuffs, double-grip tabs, chlorine-free

ConsiderationsMay occasionally leak when used overnight

Bottom lineHuggies Little Movers are ideal for active babies and toddlers, featuring lots of stretch around the waist and sides, double-layered tabs for a secure but flexible fit and an absorbent core that turns fluids into a non-toxic gel—because your busy baby has no time for leaks



  • Fragrance-free
  • Colour-changing wetness indicator
  • Stretchy waistband and leg lining


No baby wants to be weighed down by a stiff or saggy diaper, especially when learning to move around on their own. So it's no wonder the majority of our parent testers said fit is one of the most important factors when they're buying diapers. One of our top diaper picks for active babies is Huggies Little Movers, which features innovative stretchy waistband and leg linings that are designed for flexible movement. While mobility is a key selling point for this diaper, it's still very secure and won’t fall off even the highest-energy baby. Plus, this diaper contains a wetness indicator that changes from yellow to blue, along with technology to trap waste centrally, preventing leaks and blowouts.


To test for absorbency and leaks, our editors poured coloured water in a Huggies Little Movers diaper and let it sit overnight with a weight in it similar to the pressure that would be applied by a sleeping baby. We noticed immediately that the top layer of this diaper dried faster than that of most other brands, and the next day, the inner lining felt damp rather than wet. But to really get to the bottom of how this diaper performs, we turned to our parent testers. Nearly three-quarters of our testers said this diaper never leaks during daytime use (the rest said leaks were rare). And as for overnight use, about 72 percent of testers said leaks occur rarely or never.

It's not terribly surprising that this diaper excelled in absorbency. It has a wood cellulose fibre and polyacrylate core turns fluids into a non-toxic gel, and it works well. In our lab tests, while liquid spread throughout the diaper, there was a very definite line along the sides, indicating strong leak protection at the legs. Meanwhile, some of our parent testers said they liked that liquids concentrated in the centre of the diaper because it made it easier to see when the diaper was full. 

I really like these diapers—my daughter has less leaks in them and they're very comfortable and fit very well.” —Jolene, mom of one


The thick, inner quilting of this diaper is unscented—ideal for sensitive skin—and it's one of the softest of all the diapers we tested—our editors noted that it feels like a luxurious blanket. Huggies Little Movers also have great stretch around the waist and legs and on the tabs—perfect for babies on the move. All of our parent testers said the stretchy sides, fit around the legs and lack of bulk allow their little ones to crawl, scoot and roll around to their heart's content. Most parents also said the diaper does a good job of locking in fluids and keeping moisture away from their baby's skin. 

The fastener tabs on the diaper are also designed for your little one's comfort. The double-tab design features a smaller purple tab that fastens first and a larger tab fastens overtop it, more toward the front centre of the diaper. Not only does this help with the fit and keep the diaper secure as your little one moves, one of our parent testers also noted that their baby has no issues with chafing caused by the tabs—a problem her little one has had with other diapers.


Nearly all of our testers said this diaper makes for easy changes. The wetness indicator makes it simple to see when your kiddo needs a change. Both our parent testers and editors were impressed with the durability and stretch in the Huggies Little Movers tabs: the double grip strips are strong, plus they're easy for parents to release (yes difficult for a child to tear off). Parent testers also noted that it's easy to secure the tabs when you need to get a diaper on your kiddo—which we all know becomes increasingly tricky with toddlers who have better things to do.

These are foolproof to put on. They even say 'back' on the back of the diaper—which might seem kind of silly, but when you're a tired parent, you can use all the help you can get.” —Samantha, mom of one

Huggies Little Movers are a mid-price range diaper, and all but one of our testers said these diapers offer good or very good value for the price. All testers said they'd purchase these diapers.


Huggies Little Movers excelled in the areas our parent testers cared about most—fit and absorbency. Every one of our parents testers were satisfied or very satisfied with this diaper, and all said they'd recommend it to other parents. Our editors were also impressed with the soft lining of this diaper along with the innovative features like the double-grip tabs and the core that converts fluids to a gel. With a unanimous endorsement from parents, it was easy to award this diaper the Today's Parent Approved seal.

Tech Specs

  • Sizes available
    Size 3: 16-28 lbs.
    Size 4: 23-37 lbs.
    Size 5: 27 lbs. and up
    Size 6: 35 lbs. and up
This article was originally published on Apr 01, 2018

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