Whoa! This woman got pregnant twice in 10 days

There are extreme pregnancies, and there are really, really crazy-rare circumstances of getting pregnant.

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So, here’s a head-scratcher.

An Australian woman, who doctors had told may never be able to have children, gave birth to twins. They were born on the same day, but one twin was conceived 10 days before the other one.


Right? We’re trying to wrap our heads around this uterus sorcery, too.

So here’s what happened: Prior to her two little buns’ separate conceptions, the glowing new mommy, Kate Hill, was being given hormone treatments for polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that left her unable to ovulate on her own.

The plot thickens.

Hill claims she and her husband had unprotected sex only once during the timeframe of becoming pregnant (both times), so the second pregnancy falls into the Twilight Zone.

This condition of getting pregnant while you’re already pregnant is known as superfoetation and is so rare that Hill’s obstetrician had to turn to Google to crack the case, as no medical books explained the phenomenon. In fact, there are only 10 reported cases worldwide.

Because the twins weren’t conceived at the same time, they aren’t identical. They were different birth weights and, obvie, aren’t mirror images of each other. We can confirm that both are v. cute.

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Photo: Seven News

Hill’s husband, Peter, jokes that the miraculous conceptions were “a hole in one.”

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