What happened to my waistline?

Contributing editor Karen Robock weighs the pros and cons in investing in maternity jeans.

By Karen Robock
What happened to my waistline?

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??It’s time to face facts. It’s official: My pants don't fit.

This is my biggest preggo worry this week, which I suppose is a blessing. I'm not nauseous, the dizziness seems to be passing and the extreme exhaustion appears to be lifting. The most serious concern is that I officially no longer have a waistline, which means that my pants — especially all of my beloved jeans — no longer fit. I've been experimenting with a belly band, but am not finding it very comfortable. Maybe it's because I'm not quite big enough to properly fill the band yet. Has anybody else had this problem???

So, while I wait for warmer tights-free skirt weather (because wearing tights is also kind of gross right now) — and a bigger, band-filling bump — I'm thinking about investing in some major mommy-to-be denim. Now, I wouldn't say that I'm a slave to designer brands, but I am pretty serious about my jeans. I have many pairs, in many different washes and styles. They're a wardrobe staple for me. And I have found that when I buy good quality jeans they last longer: Dark washes stay dark, they don't stretch out in the butt (isn't that the worst?!) and they generally just look newer, longer.

??Here's what I'm thinking will get me through the next few months: A pair of Paige maternity skinny jeans. Last month, US Weekly reported that Reese Witherspoon (who I think is due around the same time as me) scooped up three pairs at the Paige Denim store in L.A. I trust that lady's style. If they're good enough for Reese surely they're worth a shot. Plus, from a cost-per-wear perspective, $200 jeans don’t actually sound so steep: I’m estimating they’ll ring it at about $5 a pop, if I wear them twice a week for the next five months. (And that’s probably a conservative estimate because I may be tempted to wear them every day!)??

What do you think? Would you (or have you) tried designer maternity jeans? ??Wish me luck on my shopping trip I'll share a pic if I can score a pair!?

This article was originally published on May 16, 2012

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