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Welcome Vela and Mae!

Pregnant Pause blogger Tenille Bonoguore welcomes two new arrivals — and gets her first big lesson in parenting.

By Tenille Bonoguore
Welcome Vela and Mae!

Tenille welcomes Vela and Mae.

A week ago today, our twins decided to teach me my first big lesson in parenting: Expect the unexpected.

At a scheduled OB appointment the afternoon before, I asked my OB to check a slow leak that had started on the weekend. Probably my bladder, I said hopefully.

My OB took a look. "No, that's definitely your water. You're two to three centimetres already." She looked up at us calmly and smiled. "Do you have your hospital bags packed?"

At 6 a.m. the next morning, our first little girl arrived in a tiny, squalling bundle. Ninety minutes of pushing later, our second daughter made her appearance. Vela and Mae were here.

We joke now that tiny, feisty Vela (four pounds, one ounce) was just trying to get a bit more room after 34 weeks under Mae (five pounds, eight ounces). But the truth is, they just decided it was time, forcing me to eat my words about not discussing early labour with pregnant women.

It's been a whirlwind since then as our early arrivals spend some extra time growing stronger in the Neonatal ICU. We spend our days like most new parents: lost in a fog of love and adoration, happy to spend hours just watching our gorgeous little bundles. And hopefully, we'll get to bring them home soon.

In the meantime, a final nugget of advice for pregnant women and those heading towards that: Don't assume you'll know how the story will end. And pack your hospital bag early!

This article was originally published on May 29, 2013

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