The joys of raising a boy or girl

While you're pregnant, your response to "Is it a boy or girl?" was likely "Doesn't matter as long as the baby's healthy." Still, girls and boys bring different experiences to their parents' lives. Two parents offer their top 10 joys of the genders

By Hailey Biback and Lisa van de Geyn
The joys of raising a boy or girl

Boy joy

1 You, mom, are the number one woman in their life. When they tell you you’re beautiful, they actually mean it.

2 They are daring, impulsive and high energy. They make you try things you haven’t done since grade four. (Monkey bar backflip, anyone?)

3 When you play superheroes with them, Mom always gets to be Wonder Woman — unless you’re being “bad guys,” in which case you get to be Catwoman.

4 No dressing drama (well, almost none): They’d wear the same shorts and T-shirt every day if you let them.

5 They love to help with “manly chores,” such as installing a new toilet, taking out the garbage or digging in the garden.

6 They look like warm, fuzzy bear cubs when they’re wrestling — until someone gets hurt. Then they look like the babies they once were, who need the comfort that only you can provide.

7 They don’t look you up and down and disdainfully ask, “What are you wearing?”

8 In their eyes, Dad is the strongest, smartest, funniest guy — ever.

9 You can always make them laugh with two words: fart and poo.

10 On warm spring days, they’ll burst into the house, full of love, and hand you the wilting bouquet of dandelions they picked just for you.

– Hailey Biback, mom of two boys

Girl gems

1 They want to be just like mom when they grow up.

2 Tea parties are hosted daily and you’re the guest of honour (most days anyway; sometimes that distinction goes to the favourite doll).

3 I have yet to meet a boy who says “I love your hair , Mommy!”

4 Two words: shopping buddy.

5 Their favourite mode of transportation is Daddy’s shoulders.

6 Pink clothes, pink toys, pink bedroom: There can never be too much pink.

7 Dreams of being a prima ballerina will come rushing back the first time you see your girl in a tutu.

8 No spray at diaper time.

9 Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora, Briar Rose — girls love that you know all their favourite princesses.

10 Their favourite thing to draw is Mom and Dad dressed as a king and queen.

– Lisa van de Geyn, mom of one girl

This article was originally published on Jul 05, 2010

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