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Style: Maternity wardrobe basics

These wardrobe basics will keep you looking great right through D-Day.

By Karen Robock
Style: Maternity wardrobe basics

Style: Maternity wardrobe basics

The must-haves in maternity wear

Shopping for clothes when your body is constantly changing can be challenging — and expensive. So we asked fashion stylist and mom Rachel Matthews how to put together a great-looking maternity wardrobe without spending a bundle. Her advice? It's all about six key pieces. Here's what to buy, how to mix them with what you've already got — and the secrets to reworking them over and over again. 

Style: Maternity wardrobe basicsPhoto: aldomurillo/iStockphoto

Day at the office

​Buy: Black pants
To go with: Your pre-pregnancy blazer

A well-tailored blazer shouldn't be stashed away for the next nine months. You can keep wearing it — unbuttoned — right through your pregnancy.
Where to Buy? Pants,
Shoes and bag,
Bracelets and necklaces,

Style: Maternity wardrobe basicsPhoto: Lily & Lilac


Date night

Buy: A long cardigan
To go with: Your pre-pregnancy leggings

An on-trend cardi will take you through several seasons. Wear it like this now, and then layer over another thin sweater and add a scarf when the snow starts to swirl. 

Tip: No one will notice you're wearing the same pants on Thursday that you did on Monday. The secret to reworking your staples is wearing them in different ways using accessories, shoes and bags to transform your look.
Where to Buy? Cardigan and tank, 

Style: Maternity wardrobe basicsPhoto: Lily & Lilac

Shopping with girlfriends

Buy: A maxi dress
To go with: Your pre-pregnancy jean jacket

A dress made of jersey material doesn't need to be maternity because it already has built-in stretch. Just shop a couple sizes up at your usual stores.
Where to Buy? Dress and shoes,

Style: Maternity wardrobe basicsPhoto: Lily & Lilac

Walk in the park

Buy: Jeans
To go with: You pre-pregnancy oversized t-shirts

Skinny jeans can be paired with flats or heels, and they slip easily into a pair of boots. When shopping for classic riding boots, like the ones Amber is wearing, look for elastic panels and zippers to accommodate foot and calf swelling, and make it easier to get them on and off. 
Where to Buy? Jeans,
Burgundy t-shirt,
Green t-shirt and sunglasses,

Style: Maternity wardrobe basicsPhoto: Lily & Lilac


Cocktail party

Buy: A little black dress
To go with: Your pre-pregnancy cropped black jacket and heels

Add padded insoles to your pre-pregnancy shoes for extra cushion. In the market for something new? Opt for a style with a platform, which gives you the illusion of extra height. (This three-inch heel will really only feel like one!)
Where to Buy? Black dress,

Style: Maternity wardrobe basicsPhoto: Lily & Lilac

The big board meeting

Buy: A blouse
To go with: Your pre-pregnancy stretchy black skirt, tucked under your tummy

Transforms a simple style with accessories. Use bracelets, necklaces, scarves and belts to create different looks you can wear to work or for an evening out.

Get more tips from Rachel
Where to Buy? Top, skirt and shoes,

Style: Maternity wardrobe basicsPhoto: Lily & Lilac

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Style: Maternity wardrobe basicsPhoto: Karen Robock
This article was originally published on Aug 29, 2012

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