Style: 3 maternity shopping dos

We asked Rachel Matthews, a Toronto-based fashion stylist and mom of one, for her best bump-dressing tips.

Photo: itsskin/iStockphoto

Be honest about what you’re going to wear
“Most of us use 20 percent of our wardrobe 8 percent of the time,” says Matthews. Identifying your staples, like jeans or a black shirt, will help you shop more effectively.

Know your body type
Of course your midsection and chest will grow during pregnancy, but your overall shape won’t change, she says. If you’re an apple, for example, skip the maternity turtleneck and opt for a V-neck sweater that will look more flattering by elongating your neck instead of adding bulk up top.

?Think two seasons ahead
You’ll need versatile pieces that will take you through about six months of growth. “Plus, most women will wear their maternity clothes for a few months postpartum, too,” says Matthews. Basics like a white dress shirt can accommodate your changing shape and be worn alone or layered under a sweater during the chilly months. 

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