10 Benefits of Seeing a Prenatal Chiropractor

Establishing a relationship with a prenatal chiropractor and seeing one regularly can help both mother and baby so many ways

10 Benefits of Seeing a Prenatal Chiropractor


There’s no better fix for back and neck pain than seeing a prenatal chiropractor. But the benefits of seeing one go far beyond just feeling better. Here are ten benefits of seeing a prenatal chiropractor.

What is a prenatal chiropractor?

A prenatal or perinatal chiropractor is specifically trained to work with pregnant women and postpartum women. “There are important clinical and logistical considerations of pregnancy and early postpartum that require additional training and expertise that set perinatal chiropractors apart from chiropractors with other clinical focuses,” says Dr. Lizzie Sobel of Wholesome Healing Chiropractic.

Benefits of seeing a prenatal chiropractor

Establishing a relationship with a prenatal chiropractor and seeing one regularly can help both mother and baby in various ways, including the following. It can also help improve overall well-being.

  • Pain reduction

  • Optimal pelvic alignment

  • Preparing your pelvis for birth

  • Stress management

  • Getting an additional perspective

  • Improved nervous system function

  • Improved postpartum recovery

  • Prevention of intrauterine constraint

  • Faster progression of labor

  • Access to additional resources

Pain reduction

Prenatal chiropractic care can help ease these aches and pains without drugs. “Chiropractic adjustments can alleviate common pregnancy-related discomforts such as back pain, pelvic pain, and sciatica,” says Dr. Tabor Smith of A Better Way Chiropractic.


Dr. Sobel tells me there are things chiropractors can do beyond standard adjustments. “Many perinatal chiropractors also do kinesio taping or have bands or braces providing additional stability and support if needed.”

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Optimal pelvic alignment

Dr. Smith notes that adjustments can help promote the head-down position. “Chiropractic care can help ensure that the pelvis is properly aligned, promoting an ideal fetal position for childbirth. This can reduce the risk of complications during labor and delivery.”

In addition to this, Dr. Sobel tells me many perinatal chiropractors have training in specific pelvic balancing techniques and can help educate you about home exercises, things to do, and what to avoid if you’re trying to encourage your baby to get in the right position.

Preparing your pelvis for birth


Getting ready to give birth isn’t just something you prepare for mentally, it’s something Dr. Sobel tells me you can get ready for physically. “By creating balance and symmetry in the pelvis and reducing any tension patterns present in the pelvis, we can help relax the pelvic ligaments and joints and therefore create balance and reduce tension in the muscles and ligaments of the uterus, which connect directly to the bones of the pelvis like the sacrum through the uterosacral ligament,” she says.

“When our pelvis is balanced, our uterus is balanced. When our uterus is balanced, our baby can shift and move into an ideal position for birth. Our pelvic bones can open and expand more easily, ideally allowing for a smoother labor and birth.”

Stress management

It’s not always easy to manage stress during pregnancy. So taking time out for yourself can be a game changer. “Treatments are extremely gentle and very relaxing,” explains Dr. Sobel. “It can be a wonderful way to help regulate your nervous system and get support and relief that is so needed during pregnancy, which can often be uncomfortable, vulnerable, and physically annoying. Let us make your body and nervous system more comfortable.”

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Getting an additional perspective


Every perinatal chiropractor has extensive knowledge of pregnancy and birth. So if something doesn’t feel right or if you have any concerns—they may be able to guide you in the right direction. “Of course, we do not replace your midwife or OB, but simply can act as an outside counsel to help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming birthing industrial complex,” shares Dr. Sobel.

Improved nervous system function

According to Dr. Tabor, chiropractic adjustments can enhance nervous system function. An improved nervous system impacts a variety of bodily functions. In turn, this helps the body adapt to the physiological changes of pregnancy.

Improved postpartum recovery

Postpartum life is hard but a chiropractor can help smooth the transition. “Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can contribute to a faster and smoother postpartum recovery. It can help the body return to its pre-pregnancy state more efficiently,” explains Dr. Tabor.


Prevention of intrauterine constraint

Intrauterine constraint, which occurs when misaligned vertebrae limit the space for fetal development can create problems for a developing baby. When the chiropractor adjusts your spine, it prevents this problem. According to Dr. Tabor, “This can promote a healthier environment for the developing baby.”

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Faster progression of labor

Most moms would happily sign up for a shorter labor. Fortunately, a good prenatal chiropractor can help make this happen. “Proper pelvic alignment and reduced muscle and ligament tension can contribute to smoother and more efficient labor. This may lead to a shorter labor duration,” says Dr. Tabor.

Access to additional resources


Parents need all the help they can get; finding the right providers isn't always easy. Your prenatal chiropractor may know how to help according to Dr. Sobel. “Perinatal chiropractors know and likely keep extensive lists of doulas, lactation consultants, acupuncturists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, pelvic floor physical therapists, support groups, and more.”


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