Your Pregnancy: 40 weeks pregnant

It's go time! Anytime now you'll be prepping to give birth.
40 weeks pregnant

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Your baby

• At birth, the average baby weighs about 3.5 kg (7.5 lbs) and is around 52 cm (20.5 in) from head to toe. It won’t be long now before you know exactly how much your baby weighs.

• Once your baby is here, she’ll need nourishment, warmth — and your touch. Research shows that when babies have close physical contact with their mothers, they breastfeed better, sleep better, and cry less.

Yep, you’re still there

Well, we’re happy you’re here, anyway. But maybe you’re getting sick of answering the phone only to be greeted with, “Oh, you’re still there?” Let’s face it: hanging out at home waiting for your baby is no fun. No wonder you may be feeling a little testy — not to mention anxious.

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Even though it may be uncomfortable to get around these days, there’s no reason not to go about your daily activities. At the very least, it will help to take your mind off the waiting. Try to keep busy. If you need to get out of the house, do it. Catch a movie, meet your friends for lunch, go for a pedicure or manicure, people-watch on a park bench, relax at your favourite café with the newspaper and a decaf latte… you get the picture. Be as active as feels comfortable, but pace yourself so you don’t get too tired.

You said it! Advice from real moms

“After I had my baby and needed to get nursing tops, I actually bought a tube top one size smaller than I’d wear, and used it as a layer under my top (nice coverage and held in my post-pregnancy belly!). When my baby was hungry, I could pull up my shirt, and pull down the tube top to nurse while keeping my belly from being on display.” – Diane, mom of two

Did you know?

Only about five percent of babies are born on their due date. Your due date is only an estimate of when your baby will be born. The fact is, nobody can predict when labour is going to start. If you go to 41 weeks, your caregiver may suggest inducing labour.

How to kickstart labour

From spicy food to a bumpy car ride, there are different ways to try coaxing baby into the world.

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Looking ahead

Thinking about how you’ll announce that you’re baby has finally arrived? Check out our ideas for easy to make (and order) birth announcements.

Originally posted in October 2011. 

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