Your Pregnancy: 13 weeks pregnant

Welcome to your second trimester. Believe it or not, your baby’s body has doubled in length since week 7 and he’s as big as a large plum or a peach.

13 weeks pregnant

Your baby

  • From the top of his head to the bottom of his buttocks, your baby is about 65 to 78 mm (2.6 to 3.1 in) long and weighs about 13 to 20 g (0.5 to 0.7 oz).
  • At this point in your pregnancy, your baby’s head is about half the length of his body. But that’s about to change. From here on in, the growth of his head will slow down as the growth of his body speeds up. By week 21, his head will be about 1/3 of his body length and, by the time he is born, it will be only 1/4.
  • If you could see your baby now, you would be able to determine his sex from his external genitals.

You, the fashionista
It’s time. You may have been putting off shopping for maternity clothes, but get ready to embrace that beautiful bump and show it off to the world. And relax: today’s designers are creating gorgeous and comfy mat wear that you’ll love (some pieces long after pregnancy!).

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You said it! Advice from real moms
“My favourite pregnancy purchase was my Bella Band. I had two and used them throughout my entire pregnancies with no need to buy maternity pants!” – Jennifer, mom of two

Sailing off to dreamland?
Dreams of the ocean and swimming are common in the first trimester. In fact, many pregnant women find that their dreams have never been more vivid. Everyone seems to dream at least once about forgetting the baby in a filing cabinet or at the mall! It can be fascinating to record and think about these dreams, which seem to be one way that we work through our fears, get comfortable with impending parenthood, and rehearse things we feel unsure of.

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Hold the (artificial) sugar
Did you know that not all artificial sweeteners are safe during pregnancy? Here’s what you need to know.

Why does my partner now have to change the kitty litter (not that I’m complaining!)?
It’s to protect you from toxoplasmosis, a rare infection caused by a parasite that you can pick up by handling cat feces or eating raw or undercooked meat. Though its flu-like symptoms are mild, if you get toxoplasmosis while you’re pregnant, you may give it to your baby and it can cause birth serious defects like seizures, liver problems, development delays and blindness.

To protect yourself from toxoplasmosis:

  • have someone else change the kitty litter
  • wash your hands thoroughly after working in a garden where cats may have been and after handling raw meat
  • do not eat raw or uncooked meat

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Looking ahead
Have you thought at all about the kind of birth you’d like to have? You may have more options than you realize! There’s no need to make any decisions yet, but you might like to start exploring your hopes and assumptions by reading some other women’s birth stories. You might be surprised to discover how different birth experiences can be.

Originally published in October 2011. 

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