Nine months of pregnancy + a photo every day = one adorable video (and baby!)

What's the best way to document your pregnancy? Take a photo every single day. And write a song about it!

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a dad-to-be get emotional over his unborn child, especially when it’s in song form.

In a viral video that’s pulling at everyone’s heartstrings, Tom Fletcher, a pop artist from the UK group McFly, dedicates a song to his wife, Giovanna. The black-and-white footage starts off with Fletcher and Giovanna (with a flat stomach) facing each other.

As the song progresses, you see Giovanna’s belly grow bigger. Fletcher took a picture of Giovanna every day to make this video. So sweet!

Photo: Tom Fletcher via YouTube

Photo: Tom Fletcher via YouTube

Throughout the video, Fletcher is playing the guitar and singing the song he wrote, “Something New.”

And it’s hard to hold back the tears when the lyrics go like this:

You want to touch the mountain/Taste a waterfall/You only have to see one/Then you’ve seen them all
I’m gonna bet tomorrow/That the sky is blue
I guess I’m ready/I think I’m ready/I hope I’m ready for something new

Photo: Tom Fletcher via YouTube

Photo: Tom Fletcher via YouTube

By the end of the video, Giovanna exits the shot and comes back with a tiny, cute baby in her hands!

Fletcher and Giovanna’s baby, Buzz Michelangelo, is now one-and-a-half years old. And guess what? Buzz is going to be a big brother! Wonder how the couple will document this pregnancy—you just know it will be adorable.

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