Hilary Swank Shows Off Latest Ultrasound—and OMG!

Strong mommas make strong babies, and Hilary Swank's latest ultrasound is the proof.

Hilary Swank Shows Off Latest Ultrasound—and OMG!

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/FilmMagic

Hilary Swank just showed off her 'prize fighting' latest ultrasound picture and it's giving the internet some major gasps. Seriously, the Million Dollar Baby star's latest upload has everyone in tears and is *possibly* even more exciting Lindsay Lohan's pregnancy announcement and Maralee's salty IG clapback image of baby Theo from last week.

“Baby A flexing for the camera at their ultrasound. 💪🏽🤣,” Swank captioned the post, adding, “#TheRealMillionDollarBaby #Prizefighter."

Swank, who previously won an Oscar for her performance as an amateur boxer who goes pro, is obviously pleased with knowing Baby A is packing some mega muscle heat.

Hilary Swank ultrasound photo of twins

“Tell me you’re Hilary Swank’s baby without telling me you’re Hilary Swank’s baby,” one fan eagerly commented on the latest Hilary Swank ultrasound.

What about Baby B, though? No sight of that little one's arms just yet, but we're taking a wild guess when we say this ultrasound was taken on leg day. Or they're simply coaching Baby A.

“Baby B don’t have to flex they’re already playing with A’s head by doing nothing,” another follower wrote, followed by dozens of likes.

Swank is hardly surprised by the strength of her babies though—she's already muscling through a twin pregnancy at 48-years-old while working, and happily sharing her journey. She's currently filming her show Alaska Daily where she's seen jogging—and shooting days often take hours to get just the right shot.


As if that Hilary Swank pregnant-jogging news wasn't enough, the star also caused a bit internet stir recently when fans discovered she's been rocking totally affordable $20 maternity leggings.

Hilary Swank pregnant with twins in kitchen

"She's like us," wrote one fan. "If you know you're going to grow out of the stuff in a matter of weeks, why spend all your money on it?" quipped another.

The leggings, which are made by Motherhood Maternity, come in sizes XS through 3X and boast over 28,000 nearly-perfect shopper ratings. While you're there, be sure to snag a free Amazon Baby Registry welcome box—it's loaded with full-size samples of things like diapers, wipes, ointments and newborn pacificers.

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