This mom created preemie milestone cards and they're adorable

Because even the tiniest humans deserve to celebrate their small victories.

This mom created preemie milestone cards and they're adorable

Photo: Miracle Mumma

Parents of preemies can go through a pretty isolating time at the NICU, a place where the future can seem uncertain. But one Australian mom is on a mission to bring preemie parents a little hope during this difficult time.

Amy Purling, the owner of a blog and online store called Miracle Mumma, has created a series of milestone cards to track a preemie’s journey in the NICU and make scary times seem a little brighter. The cards feature milestones most other parents wouldn't deem as significant, but are huge for preemie parents, such as first snuggles, first weight gain and first day without wires.

The cards were inspired by Purling's son, James, who was born 30 weeks into her pregnancy and spent his first five weeks in the NICU. Purling would note every little step of James' progress—it was her way of coping with everything. That's when she realized that standard baby milestone cards don't quite capture preemie moments. She figured other preemie parents would appreciate having preemie-specific milestone cards, too.

Now, Miracle Mumma sells packs of milestone cards for boys, girls and twins, and there's also a gender-neutral option. Parents of preemies are finding hope in these cards and have even made the Miracle Mumma Facebook page a forum of sorts.

We love that these cards are giving even the tiniest of humans an opportunity to celebrate their small victories.


You can find these adorable cards on Purling's site and at

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This article was originally published on Feb 16, 2017

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