Giving birth

3 things your postpartum nurse wants you to know

We asked a postpartum nurse to dish on what her patients are most surprised by. Can you guess what they are?

The first few days of your baby’s life are quite eventful. But what are new parents actually surprised by the most? We asked Hanneke Croxen, a postpartum nurse in Vancouver, to find out. Here’s what your postpartum nurse wants you to know:

1. Your baby’s skin won’t be perfect
“People are surprised by baby acne, peeling skin, and how red or pink their babies are.”

2. You will get no sleep, so be ready for that
“No matter how much people warn you, the sleep deprivation is hard to imagine. And the cluster feeding on night two throws people off. No one ever seems prepared for that second night.”

3. Breastfeeding is learned and doesn’t come naturally to everybody
“People don’t expect such a big learning curve. There’s an idea that just because it’s natural, it’ll be easy. But it takes time to establish.”

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