Do I need to get special travel insurance while pregnant?

We asked the expert what you need to know about insurance when it comes to travelling while pregnant.

travel insurance while pregnant

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Q: I’m 30 weeks pregnant and travelling to the United States for my sister’s wedding. My husband and I have travel insurance, but what if I go into premature labour? Can we insure our unborn baby just in case?

A: If you have travel coverage as part of your employer’s benefits package, consult your group benefits insurer to determine whether your child would be insured in the event of premature labour. Many travel insurance policies exclude expenses for early delivery or complications related to childbirth within a specified number of weeks before or after the due date.

Emergency medical insurance applies only to individuals for whom coverage was purchased prior to departure; many travel insurance policies cannot be purchased for a child who is less than 30 days old.

Originally posted in August 2012. 

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