CityTV's Saphia Khambalia on our Winter Pregnancy Guide

Find out about the new issue of Today's Parent Pregnancy here, with our cover star Saphia Khambalia!

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Keep an eye out for Today’s Parent Pregnancy, our digest edition for moms-to-be, available for free at select doctor’s offices and health centres. The Fall/Winter 2013 issue features Sapphia Khambalia of City News on the cover and a fun story about the recent baby boom at City, which you can also read here.

Winter 2013/2014 contents

How to grow a healthy baby Dos and don'ts for the best start. The facts about ultrasounds What to expect at your appointment. Pregnant on the job Managing the other labour issues. Who need prenatal class? Is learning online a good substitute? Babies on board Everything you need to know about carrying multiples.

Baby shower etiquette Our guide to gracefully navigating guest lists and gift registries. Should you have an epidural? We weigh the pros and cons. Pamper prescription Enjoying treatments safely. What's a kegel? How to do these very important pelvic-floor exercises. Toned from top to bottom Carrying that extra cargo with fewer aches and pains. In your dreams Weird ones are more common than you think. Top 100 baby names The most popular choices in Canada. Hospital bag checklist Birthplan worksheet

Ready to pop What to do if you're overdue. Am I in labour? What to expect when baby's on the way. Your body after birth How you'll feel postpartum. Becoming a daddy Your guide to the first few weeks. A matter of time Managing editor Katie Dupuis shares her birth story.

Advice overload The surprising, and funny, things people say. All the best Your destinations for maternity clothes, baby toys, books and gear.


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This article was originally published on Dec 18, 2013

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