Bump watch: Kristin Cavallari is starting to show!

The reality TV star is really starting to show. See what she tweets about her changing bod

Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

Maybe if I write about Kristin Cavallari more often, I’ll start to remember how to spell her name….

But, check it out! Young Kristin (25), who’s pregnant with her first child, is starting to show! There’s a wee bump in the typically rail-thin reality TV star’s little red dress. Otherwise, she’s still rail thin, of course, with a new BOSOM to boot (you can’t not notice it).

Check what Kristin tweeted about a pic just like this one (left) and her changing bod:

Here is a pic from last night’s premiere and u can see a little baby bump :).

Yes, yes you can!

Kristin was photo’d here at last night’s premiere of Reese Witherspoon’s new movie, This Means War, in Hollywood’s famous Grauman’s Chinese theatre. 

xo Haley-O

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