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This mom-to-be just got the coolest nail art to celebrate her pregnancy

All the moms will want to get this painted on their own nails ASAP.

Going to the salon can be a great pick-me-up for most folks, and especially when you’re in the throes of pregnancy, treating yourself to a manicure can be just what you need to get back to feeling like yourself again.

Mom-to-be Stacey Donaldson recently went to get her nails done at a salon in Stockton-on-Tees, UK and decided to honour her bun in the oven by getting her baby’s first picture painted onto her nail tip. Yup, using what had to be the world’s tiniest brush, nail artist Sarah Clarke was able to recreate Donaldson’s sonogram right there on that tiny canvas—and the results are amazing. Take a look:

Isn’t that so cute? Since Clarke’s original Facebook post went up, it’s been shared almost 45,000 times. Clarke, who owns her own salon, has gotten so many requests for her “baby scan nails” that she’s fully booked up for the next few weeks. Demand for her nail art is so high that she’s put up another post on Facebook offering to paint people’s ultrasound images onto plastic nail tips that can be shipped to them for £25, which is about $45 CAD. People can then have their local nail artists apply the tips for them, or they can keep it in the provided presentation box as a keepsake.

Photo of a pregnant woman sitting on a bed looking at an ultrasound These embroidered ultrasounds are the perfect keepsakes for moms-to-beThere isn’t a lot of research on the safety of getting your nails done when you’re pregnant, but whereas it used to be considered a no-no, it’s now generally considered safe. That said, the strong chemical smell that often fills nail salons might make you feel queasy—and even if your pregnancy-enhanced sniffer can handle the odour, it may not be the best idea to inhale those fumes for a long period of time (you’ll notice that the technicians tend to wear faces masks to protect them from the fumes, especially when it comes to applying acrylic nails).

So if you want to get nail art done and you have concerns, take a few precautions. Try to ensure you’re in a well-ventilated area; maybe you could ask your artist to open a nearby door or window, or request they turn on a fan to get the air moving. You can also ask to wear one of their masks. If you start to feel sick during the process, it may be a sign you should take a break to get some fresh air.

We think the sonogram nail art is a lovely way to celebrate the upcoming birth of your child, but it could also be a fun idea for moms of older kids to remember their days when your kids were in utero. We wouldn’t be surprised if this became the next viral nail trend.

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