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5 things nobody tells you about how sex and your relationship might change during pregnancy

For some women, even thinking about sex during pregnancy is a no-go, while others say their hormones are in overdrive. Either way, your relationship is probably going to change a bit.

By Today's Parent
5 things nobody tells you about how sex and your relationship might change during pregnancy

Illustration: Sam Island

1. “Before you have the baby, tell your partner that you love them with the gusto of an old-timey soldier going off to war. Maybe record it on video so you can play it back to them the first few weeks after the baby is born, when you’ll likely hate them for some reason.” —Laura S.

2. "I was not prepared in the least for my husband to be 100 percent incapable of having sex with me while I was pregnant. Both times, he's been like, "CANNOT DO IT—IT'S WEIRD AND WRONG." Some guys are apparently super weirded out by having sex with their pregnant partners!" —Jess D.

3. “That your relationship really changes, even before the baby arrives. Your otherwise cool and supportive partner might freak out. When I became pregnant, he basically shut down. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more lonely (and I had another human inside of me!). He’s now an awesome and involved dad to our kids, but there were some very dicey moments when I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I think men handle this life change very differently from women and don’t have the same outlets to discuss their feelings.” —Amy D.

4. "Pregnancy made me out-of-my-mind lusty and in love with my husband, especially in the third trimester—even right after the birth (when sex was a no go). I actually gave him a blow job the day after my daughter was born—and it was my idea! I'm pretty sure that was one of the luckiest days of his life." —Rachel S.

5. 'That having sex on the day before your due date really does make you go into labour." —Emily K.

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