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When it comes to buying baby clothes, think function over fashion.

When the nesting bug hits during pregnancy, you’re going to start stockpiling onesies and booties in a fervor of preparation. And you won’t be the only ones building your baby’s wardrobe. Shower loot and family gifts help curate a collection of shirts, shoes and sweaters — all in the tiniest sizes that baby may never even wear. The reality of drool, exploding diapers, and spit up will soon fade fantasies of fancy dresses and 3-piece suits. Without a plan, growth spurts can outpace an your expanding family’s budget, leaving drawers of once, or never worn infant clothes, to collect dust. Here’s what you really need to save your sanity and some cash.

Size matters
Excited friends and family can’t resist those tiny dresses and sweater sets either. But without a birth weight, it’s hard to know when your little one will actually be able to wear those designer digs and some babies skip the newborn size all together. Sort your shower loot and gifts by size (newborn, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months) and stash them in labeled baskets. As your little bundle of joy moves through the sizes you’ll know what you have and be ready for the next stage.

Just One You made by Carters 3pk bibs
Just One You made by Carters 3pk bibs

Tuck in and let roll
In the first few weeks at home, comfort is the number one priority. Between a healing belly button and intervals of feeding and sleeping, all little ones need is warmth and softness. Opt for footed pajamas or easy-access sleep gowns that keep everything covered and warm from head to toe no matter how much they squirm. Versatile pieces like footed or sack-style sleepwear often fit babies from birth to 6 or 9 months, with extra room to move and explore — and giving you the most wear for your buck.

Just One You made by Carters infant and toddler Sleep n Play layette
Just One You made by Carters infant and toddler Sleep ‘n Play layette

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Bulk sanity savings
Multipacks of wardrobe essentials such as diaper shirts, rompers and one-piece pajamas are great value vehicles. Often baby will wear some clothes for only a few weeks before they spurt to the next size, so affordable basics are key. Layettes include extra sleep hats and mitts, receiving blankets and clothing in easy to coordinate 2-colour combos.

Circo infant 2pk Sleep n Play layette
Circo infant 2pk Sleep ‘n Play layette

Quick change artistry
Once baby graduates from days in pjs, keep layers to a minimum, and your nerves in tact, in favour of one or two, easy-access pieces per outfit. Wide opening snaps, kimono style body suits and full-length zippers make diaper changing a cinch. And when you’re changing up to twelve diapers a day you’ll be happy you did.

Just One You made by Carters infant long sleeved body suits
Just One You made by Carters infant long sleeved body suits

Fair for the weather
Basics such as elastic waist pants, diaper shirts and hoodies are wardrobe building blocks no matter the season. For transitional months, look for convertible features like roll-up tabs and adjustable straps to turn pants to shorts and give you a few more weeks of wear. Warm or cold weather wear is best bought in season when you can better gauge your baby’s size.

Just One You made by Carters infant elastic waist pants
Just One You made by Carters infant elastic waist pants

Just One You made by Carters infant elastic waist ruffled leggings
Just One You made by Carters infant elastic waist ruffled leggings

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Baby wardrobe recipe

  • Tees or Diaper shirts x 5-7: Wide neck openings or shoulder snaps make dressing easier. Diaper shirts will stay tucked and help keep diapers in place.
  • Socks x 7-10: Tube style socks with a little extra stretch will tuck under pants and give you a little longer before they
  • Mitts x 5
  • Hats x 3-5
  • Pajamas x 5-7: Soft and cozy cotton fibers provide breathability more than flame retardant fabrics usually made from synthetic fibers like polyester. Look for the essential diaper access so you don’t have to take everything off during a middle of the night diaper change.
  • Leggings or Pants x 5-7: Soft elastic or adjustable waists keep pants easy to pull on and off and fit over a diaper and expand with a growing tummy. Look for snaps on the inner leg for diaper changes.
  • One-piece outfits x 5-7: Roomy pieces allow your baby to roam and play. Look for natural fibers like cotton for breathability. Soft patches on knees and elbows help reinforce pressure points.
  • Outerwear x 5: Sweaters and jackets with that have hoods and full zips are great to beat a chill. Avoid any strings or ties and anything that pulls over the head to keep changing simple.

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