Yas Queen! Celebs who totally rocked pregnancy

Pregnancy isn't easy, but there are some women who are able to slay straight up to the due date. These celebs make creating life look like child's play.

beyonce pregnant with twins Photo: @beyonce via Instagram

Now, let’s start out by saying that all pregnant women are pretty badass. It’s not easy creating life! Between nausea and carrying another human (or two) around for months, y’all deserve a medal (or at the very least, a foot rub) for even getting out of bed. But then there's those super-human ladies out there who take pregnancy badassery that much further. Here's some of our favourite celebs who rocked pregnancy hard.

Serena Williams

By now, we all know that Serena Williams is a force of nature. Nothing proves this more than the fact she won her 23rd Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open while two months pregnant.



The Queen is no stranger to performing while pregnant. Who can forget the moment she unbuttoned that sequin jacket and announced the blessing that is Blue Ivy during her 2011 VMAs performance? And, of course, the spectacle she brought to the 2017 Grammy stage while 5-months pregnant with TWINS was nothing short of legendary. We bow down.



Due dates be damned! This capital-B Badass brought all of her nine-month pregnant swagger to the 2009 Grammys when she performed “Swagger Like Us” with T.I., Kanye, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, the night her baby was due. Champion status achieved.

Amy Poehler


This funny girl continued working the gruelling hours of Saturday Night Live all the way up until her water broke—she was even on set until 2am the day she delivered.

Gal Gadot

Baby wasn’t the only one kicking when Gal Gadot returned to the Wonder Woman set at 5-months pregnant. In order to capture some final reshoots for the film, the actress, once again, donned her superhero suit and ran, jumped, and fought her way to victory. A real-life Wonder Woman if you ask us!


Ali Wong

What’s funnier than a 6-month pregnant comedian? A 7-month pregnant comedian—which is what Ali Wong was when she filmed her one-hour comedy special Baby Cobra. Having to keep the jokes flowing while experiencing all the joys of your third trimester? Give this woman an award.

Alicia Keys


News of the singer’s pregnancy broke when she was just five shows away from finishing her 2010 Freedom Tour. The multi-continent tour was followed up with a performance at the World Cup kick-off in South Africa, and an appearance on Good Morning America. No one can get in the way of this powerful mama.

Bethany Hamilton


Losing her left arm to a shark as a teenager didn't stop her from catching some sick waves so obviously being 6-months pregnant wouldn't keep this awesome mama out of the water. You go Soul Surfer!

This article was originally published on Apr 28, 2017

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