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7 best pregnancy apps

Congratulations! You're pregnant. Download one of these pregnancy apps to document your bump, track your health, compare your baby to various fruits and veggies, and keep you informed week by week. Pregnancy is pretty cool, and these apps will let you know what your little one is up to in there.

7 best pregnancy apps

Pregnancy apps


Have you seen those super-cool timelapse videos showing a pregnant belly growing bigger and bigger? With the right app, making one is much easier than you think. Use this one to take daily photos, add music and turn your months-in-the-making bun in the oven into a cute, shareable video showing the incredible transformation (plus the big reveal, of course)., free.

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Today’s Parent My Family

Our Today’s Parent My Family app is everything you need at your fingertips. Your newsfeed will be filled with expert advice about pregnancy, babies, and beyond. Pregnancy lasts nine months, but we’ll be there for you with personalized content for every step of the way, as your baby grows into a big kid., free.

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What to Expect

The title pretty much sums up what this app is all about: what to expect when you’re expecting. Track weekly progress; get a glimpse of what’s happening right now and what’s coming next; and make a countdown to your baby’s due date. Make sure to snap a bump pic each week, because there’s also an in-app baby belly slideshow feature.

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WedMD Pregnancy

This app is jam-packed with information and features to keep you organized as you prep you for your baby’s arrival. Use the checklists to keep track of your medical appointments and to make nursery and registry shopping lists. There’s also a kick counter, a belly slideshow tool, and a contraction timer to use on the big day. , free.

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The Bump

You’ve probably seen pregnant women announcing that their baby is the size of a squash—well, this is the source of the baby-as-produce comparisons. Watch the adorable fruit animations as your baby grows from the size of a blueberry to the size of a watermelon in no time. The app also has a registry tool, cool illustrations of what’s going on inside the womb, expert answers and baby product reviews., free.

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Glow: Nurture

If you’re into tracking your health stats, check this app out. It uses pretty charts to compile important data like your blood pressure, weight changes and pregnancy symptoms. The app breaks down every trimester for you, including the all-important fourth trimester, so you aren’t left in the dark—wondering “What the heck do I do now?”—after the baby has arrived., free.

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Baby Center

This app has interactive videos about your baby’s development, daily updates, and it also compares your baby on board to fruits and veggies. The interactive chat feature connects you with other pregnant women who share your due date and who might be experiencing similar feelings or asking the same questions as you are. As time goes on, it can be really reassuring to check in with fellow moms going through the same weird, wonderful or frustrating phases., free.

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