Baby showers

11 baby shower games

Celebrate the baby and mom-to-be with these fun baby shower games

By Haley Overland

11 baby shower games

11 baby shower games

Guess how many

What you'll need: Jar or box, baby-themed items or Mom’s favourite candy

How to play: Fill a jar with a baby-themed item (safety pins, Q-tips, light-plug protectors) or fill a box full of diapers or baby food. Place the jar or box in a visible spot with a piece of paper in front of it for guests to write their names and how many items they think are in the jar. The guest who comes closest to the number without going over wins a prize. Mom-to-be gets to keep the jar and the goodies inside.

11 baby shower games

Pass the poop

What you'll need: Cloth or disposable diapers (one per guest), chocolate pudding, diaper bag

How to play: Place all the diapers in a diaper bag. Smear a scoop of chocolate pudding in one of the diapers. Pass the diaper bag around and ask each guest to choose a diaper. The one with the “poopy” diaper gets a prize!

11 baby shower games

Guess Mom-to-be's tummy size

What you’ll need: Ball of string or yarn (or even toilet paper), scissors

How to play: Each guest cuts a piece of string or yarn they think will fit around the centre of Mom-to-be’s belly, then take turns to see who’s closest to her size. The guest whose string fits the best wins!

11 baby shower games

Drink it, baby

What you'll need: Bottles, beverages

How to play: Each player gets a bottle filled with the beverage of her choice. The player who sucks down the entire bottle first wins a prize. Get ready to laugh!

11 baby shower games

Then and now

What you'll need: Mom-to-be and guests’ baby photos, Bristol board, paper, pen

How to play: Place all the guests’ and Mom-to-be’s baby photos on Bristol board with a number beside each photo. Each guest has to write the number of the baby photo they think is the Mom-to-be. To challenge the guests further, have them match each guest to her photo. The guest who gets the most correct matches wins!

11 baby shower games

Make a baby

What you'll need: Parenting or baby magazines (preferably Today’s Parent, Today’s Parent Newborn and Today’s Parent Baby & Toddler!), scissors, paper, glue

How to play: Divide the guests into groups. Each group cuts out pieces of different baby attributes they find in the magazines to create what they think Mom-to-be’s baby will look like. Paste all the attributes together on the paper. Mom-to-be chooses the winning group.

11 baby shower games

Baby word jumble

What you'll need: Paper, pens, jumbled words

How to play: Choose 20 or more baby words and scramble their spelling (such as APREDI for DIAPER). The guest who unscrambles the most words in 5 minutes wins a prize. (Tip: you can find extensive lists of baby word jumbles online.)

11 baby shower games

Don't say "baby!"

What you'll need: Diaper pins (or clothespins so guests don’t get holes in their shirts)

How to play: Each guest gets a clothespin to wear at the beginning of the shower. When all the guests arrive, tell them they cannot utter the word “baby.” Whoever hears a guest say “baby” gets to steal her pin. The guest with the most pins at the end of the shower wins!

11 baby shower games

What's in the bag?

What you'll need: Sturdy bag, baby items (the wackier the better!), eye mask

How to play: Fill up a bag with baby items. Blindfold Mom-to-be and put the bag in front of her. Make her guess what each item is. The wackier the baby items, the more fun it gets!

11 baby shower games

Baby charades

What you'll need: Paper and marker (optional)

How to play: Divide the guests into two groups. One player in each group mimes or writes clues to a baby-related word. When the team guesses the word, they win a point. The team with the most points wins!

11 baby shower games

Guess the baby food

What you'll need: Five to 10 jars of baby food, spoons, tray, paper, pens

How to play: Remove labels from jars and number them from one to 10. Place them on a tray or table and have each guest sample the baby food and write what they think each one is. Watch everyone cringe at some of the tastes! The guest who gets the most answers correct wins a prize.

11 baby shower games

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Baby shower games can be fun. Really. Give these ones a whirl at your next shower.

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This article was originally published on Nov 01, 2014

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