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10 spring baby names

Looking for baby name inspiration? We reveal the top spring baby names. Plus, their meanings.

By Jenny Charlesworth
spring baby with flower headband Photo: iStockphoto

Have a little one on the way this spring? Find spring baby name inspiration in this list.

1. Clover Clover is associated with wealth and good luck — plus it's a super sweet name for a springtime babe.

2. Navin Navin is a popular hindu boy name meaning "youthful." With a slight tweak, it becomes Navinna, which works well for a girl.

3. Mae (or May) Mae has an old-world Hollywood vibe and offers a nod to one of our favourite springtime months. For parents who want to go a bit retro, this one's a winner!

4. Denver You might think John when you hear the word Denver (or how about Colorado?), but there's more to this name than a famous folk singer. Denver means "green valley," which makes it an excellent spring-y name.

5. Chloe Chloe — and its various incarnations — has been made popular by the A-list crowd (Khloé Kardashian, Chloë Sevigny...). But the feminine name is actually quite down to earth, literally. It means "young green shoot." And Chloe made the top 10 most popular baby names of 2015


6. Haruko We love this Japanese girl name that means "spring child."

7. Willow There's something so boho-chic about Willow. We love this dreamy name for a wee girl.

8. Kelby Kelby is a Gaelic name meaning "place by the foundation or spring." It's a name that will set your little one out from the pack!

9. Vesna Vesna is the namesake of the Slavic spirit associated with springtime.

10. Aviv Aviv is a Hebrew boy name meaning "spring" (Aviva is the female alternative).


Other names to consider:

Girls - Lily (after the beautiful flower, or Lillian for a more modern spin) - Petal (delicate like your newborn) - April (like the Spring month) - Anastasia (affiliated with resurrection, great for an Easter baby) - Pastelle (a soft shade of colour, which is perfect for your baby girl and this season) - Iris (means rainbow, the literal apple of your eye)

Boys - Owen (represents lamb and youth) - Haruki (meaning spring wood)

Unisex - Eden (unisex, meaning delight or paradise...think the Garden of Eden) - Sunny (perfect, simple and straight to the point)

Originally published in May 2013

This article was originally published on Feb 08, 2015

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