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50 Country-Inspired Baby Names

Country-inspired names can be distinctive and timeless, while also being a nod to tradition and heritage.

50 Country-Inspired Baby Names

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Country-inspired baby names are popular among parents who appreciate the rustic charm and timeless appeal of country living. These names often evoke the spirit of the countryside, nature, and traditional values.

We've compiled a list of 50 country-inspired baby names—25 for both boys and girls—whether you're looking for a name that reflects ruggedness, nature, or classic simplicity. So, saddle up, and let's dive in.

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Country-inspired Girl Names



Derived from a Native American word meaning "grassland" or "treeless plain." The earthy origins of this name make it more rugged and strong.


Originally an occupational surname coming from the word ‘harp’, but has become more popular recently as a first name. It has come to mean “someone who plays the harp”.



Meaning “willow-tree”, of English origin and derived from the word weileg meaning “willow”. A willow tree is graceful and known for its slender branches and long, narrow leaves. The name Willow is often associated with grace, peace, and resilience.


Of French origin, meaning “red”. A vibrant color, is often associated with fiery, lively, energetic, and passionate personalities.


How cute is this name for an energetic little girl? A fresh daisy resembles the sun, and in Old English, it means “day's eye,” so don’t be surprised if your little daisy grows up to shine.



A pattern of intricate, swirling designs often used in textiles, originating from a Scottish town. Often thought of as playful and sweet, this name can be a nod to Scottish heritage or a love of fashion.


A feminine form of the name George, meaning "farmer" or "worker of the earth." A perfect choice if you're wanting a name with a strong connection to the earth.



The name Cheyenne is derived from a Native American tribe's name, Dakota Sioux, meaning "people of a different language" or "red speakers."


An Irish name meaning "curly-haired" or "clever." Don't worry though if your baby has straight hair (or no hair!), this is a beautiful name for any baby, especially if you're looking to honor Irish roots.


A sweet and vintage name of French origin meaning "merciful" or "gentle." It is the feminine version of the masculine name, Clement, though remains a popular gender-neutral option.



A biblical name meaning "delicate" in both Hebrew and Arabic. In the Bible's Old Testament, Samson's beloved Delilah deceives him by cutting his hair, which is the root of his power. This name will surely give your child infinite power—so be careful!


A classic flower name symbolizing love, beauty, and femininity. This charming botanical name, of Latin origin, has tons of delightful variations. You could name your daughter Rosetta, Rosalie, or Rosemary and call her Rose or Rosey for short.



A virtue name representing elegance, charm, and divine favor. It comes from Latin origin and means "favor" or "blessing"—a reminder of the gift your child is.


A Scottish name meaning "pretty" or "charming." Though many remember little Bonnie from Toy Story, it's a classic, unique name for any special baby.


A nickname for the southern United States, often associated with the southern states' cultural heritage and traditions. As a rare gem of a name, Dixie is only found in 17 people in every 100,000 people.



A virtue name representing trust, belief, and conviction. This name was popularized in the 17th century by Puritans along with Grace, Hope, and Charity.


A nature-inspired name referring to the sky or clouds. Scottish in nature, this name derived from the island of Skye in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland and makes a great gender-neutral choice.



An Irish name meaning "courageous" or "valiant, though one interpretation of its meaning comes from Old English terms ryge and leah, meaning "woods" and "clearing."


A Spanish name meaning "mountain range" or "saw." This name eludes strength and groundedness, like mountains.


A unisex name of Hebrew origin meaning "gift" or "wealth." Jessie is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin and translates to “He sees” or “the Lord exists." It can also be short for the name Jessica.



A name of Persian origin meaning "night" or "dark-haired," and can refer to the beauty of the darkness and night.


A precious gemstone associated with purity, wisdom, and beauty, this Latin name means "precious," just like any baby who receives it.



A nature-inspired name referring to the hazelnut tree or its light brown color. From old English origins, this name totes a feminine yet woodsy or rugged essence.


A botanical name for a type of evergreen tree known for its fragrant berries. This Latin origin name become gender-neutral and means "young."


A unisex name of Germanic origin meaning "elf ruler" or "ruler of the supernatural." It can also mean "noble," and references all iterations such as Aubry, Aubree, etc.


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Country-inspired Boy Names


An Old English name meaning "brave in war" or "little warrior" with ties to the Wild West and Wyatt Earp. Give this one to your courageous little rootin' tootin' babe.


An occupational name representing someone who hunts animals for a living. With the meaning of "pursuer," this makes a great name for a free-spirited child.



A name often associated with horses, symbolizing strength and agility, stemming from the old English meaning "young or inexperienced." It can also be short for Colton.


A Hebrew name meaning "joined" or "attached," often associated with loyalty and steadfastness.


An occupational name that stems from the old French "Masson." Its meaning refers to someone who works with stone or bricks, representing strength and durability.



A biblical name meaning "light-giving" or "bringer of light." This name can be short for Lucas and is derived from the Greek name Loukas.


Derived from a Scottish surname meaning "crossing" or "bridge," often associated with ruggedness and independence, though it comes from French origins meaning "traverse" or "toll collector."



An English name meaning "pledge" or "oath," from the 14th century, it's often associated with determination and reliability.


An Old English, gender-neutral name meaning "black" or "dark," often associated with resiliency. The perfect moniker if you want to raise a child with a hint of mystery.


An occupational name for someone who cuts wood or timber, representing resourcefulness and practicality. A famous version would be Mark Twain's adventurous boy, Tom Sawyer.



A name of English and Latin origin derived from “Caisse,” meaning “money case," and associated with money and wealth, often symbolizing prosperity and success.


A French name meaning "handsome" or "beautiful," often associated with charm and elegance. It's the perfect parallel to the femme version Beauty.



A nature-inspired English name referring to a type of tall, slender grass often found in wetlands, symbolizing flexibility and adaptability. It can also refer to one who is red-haired, slim, or elegant.


An English surname meaning "path" or "road," often associated with the countryside and rustic living. Great for inspiring a little wanderlust.


Derived from a Latin surname meaning "great" or "magnificent," often associated with strength and leadership. Most known as a city in Texas, but makes a great name for a strong-willed kid.



A name from the pre-7th century meaning "to go" or "to advance." Originating from Anglo-Saxon English is often associated with perseverance and determination as well as those who live near rivers or streams.


A name of Persian origin meaning "treasurer" or "keeper of treasure," often associated with wisdom and wealth.



A biblical name meaning "of the forest" or "wooded," often associated with nature and the outdoors. Perfect for little adventurers.


A gender-neutral French name meaning "handsome" or "beautiful," often associated with charm and elegance.


An occupational name for someone who softens cloth by beating or cleaning it, representing hard work and determination. The origin comes from "fabric pleater" or tailor."



An old English name dæl meaning "valley" or "dweller of the valley." It's often associated with the peaceful and serene countryside.


A name derived from Gaelic and Old English origins meaning "helpful" or "cushion," often associated with kindness and support.



A German-origin nickname for Henry, often associated with the American West and country music. It means "estate ruler" or "home-ruler," and is sure to make a bold statement.


An Old English gender-neutral name meaning "son of the king" or "royal," often associated with nobility and regalness, though it's often attributed to fame and high-ranking items and people (like the Rolls Royce).

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