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28 sporty baby names for your little MVP

Score big with these sporty baby names that pay tribute to all-star athletes and all-star qualities.

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Whether your little one turns out to be an all-star athlete or more of a super-fan, these sporty baby names are a great way to pay tribute to a favourite pastime.

1. Victoria

Every kid's a winner with this name: Victoria is the female version of Victor, meaning "victory" or "winner" in Latin.

2. Malo

If you want your little guy to have a name that means "winner" but is a little different, Malo is a great option. This Polynesian/Hawaiian name can also mean “a victorious man.”

3. Andre 


Who better to name your kid after than a Canadian sprinter who's smashing records? Andre de Grasse, whose name means "manly," blasted past the competition to win both the 100-metre and 200-metre events at the 2015 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships—and his career has only begun.

4. Alistair

Alistair is the Gaelic version of the Greek name Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind.” A defender has great qualities, including courage and loyalty.

5. Kendra

Empower your little girl with this Welsh name meaning “greatest champion.” If she believes it, she’ll achieve it!


6. Sidney

Hockey superstar Sidney Crosby's first name has French origins (it's a contraction of St. Denys), and it's a winning unisex name in our books.

7. Varick

Your kid’s team will be happy to know they’ve got a Varick on their side considering this German name means “honourable defender.”

8. Anoln


This Nordic name means “champion” and is perfect for a little guy who's destined for success.

9. Aindreas

An important quality to any athlete is strength, so you might want to give your little star this Irish name that means “strong.”

10. Jayin

Your tot will surely be saying "Victory is mine!" in no time with this Indian name that means “victorious.”


11. Cristiano

Name your future little footballer after the (arguably) best soccer player in the world right now, Cristiano Ronaldo. This Latin name directly translates to “Christian” and is common in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian culture. Can I get a “GOOOOAAALLL!”?

12. Pernell

Have you ever wondered what the “P.K.” in P.K. Subban's name stands for? The Montreal Canadiens star player’s name is Pernell Karl, and his first given name means “little rock.” We think it's a cute handle to give your baby boy, especially if you’re a Habs fan!

13. Ali


Pay tribute to the great American boxer Muhammad Ali by naming your kid after his adopted last name. This unisex name is also a nod to Ali’s daughter, Laila, who's a World Champion boxer just like her dad. Talk about girl power.

14. Venus

This sporty baby name comes from the goddess of beauty and love, and star tennis player Venus Williams adds even more positive qualities to it by being strong, talented and a great role model. And if your wee one just doesn't feel like a Venus when you meet her, you might want to serve up Serena as a strong alternative.

15. Ace

This name will surely bring positive vibes to any match your kid plays. An ace is a particularly good thing in tennis, poker and golf matches, and the name itself means “one” or “unity”—great whether your little one plays a solo sport or is part of the team.


16. Brites

This female name’s origin is Celtic and means “strong.” If you drop the “S,” it’s becomes a Swedish name, but still holds the same meaning. Our prediction: Nothing will be able to hold back your girl.

17. Bryant

What a coincidence: Kobe Bryant’s surname means “strong.” Pay tribute to one of the best basketball players on the court by giving your little guy this powerful name. Who knows, maybe he’ll have a Like Mike moment and gain the same super-skills that Bryant has.

18. Eugenie


Ah, Eugenie—Canada’s tennis darling! Though the name Eugenie itself doesn’t have a direct sports correlation, it does mean “nobility” or “well born.” (We also think her nickname, Genie, is kind of adorable as a full name.)

19. Joss

Joss means “champion” in German, and though it's traditionally a boy's name, it’s now also given to girls, as a spin-off of the name Jocelyn. Boy or girl, it might just be the perfect handle for your future champ.

20. Hayley

Sported by five-time Olympic medalist Hayley Wickenheiser, this name comes from the Norse word “haela,” meaning “hero.” It’s pretty fitting, as she was the first woman in Canada to play full-time professional hockey in a position other than goalie.


21. Kaillie

Here’s a sporty baby name that nods to yet another female Canadian Olympian. Kaillie Humphries has not only defended her Olympic bobsleigh title, but she's also one of the first women to pilot a mixed-gender team, going head-to-head with the boys. Her name’s origin is Gaelic and means “from the forest.”

22. Nelina

This pretty Scottish name means “champion,” making it perfect for your little superstar-in-the-making.

23. Brin


Brin is a feminine name of Russian origin meaning “defender.” Whether she's into hockey, soccer or water polo, it’ll be a pleasant coincidence if she grows up to play defence for her team!

24. Zafirah

Any name that starts with a “Z” is automatically cool, but combine it with the fact that this Arabic name means “triumphant” or “successful" and you've got a real winner.

25. Lolo

If you want a fun, unique name, look to Lori “Lolo” Jones’s moniker for inspiration. This track star and bobsleigh athlete—yes, she competes in both winter and summer sports—has won her fair share of gold medals.


26. Sinclair

The perfect unisex name for a little one who comes out kicking might just be the surname of national women's soccer team captain Christine Sinclair.

27. Jenner

An American sports hero who took home a gold in decathlon in the 1976 Summer Olympics, Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce) is a great person to look to for sporty name inspiration. Traditionally a male name, we think Jenner would be a powerful, statement-making name for a boy or girl.

28. Carey


Habs super-fans and hockey-parents-to-be will put some points on the board with the first name of Habs goalie Carey Price. Price cleaned up at the 2015 NHL Awards, taking home the Hart Trophy (MVP), the Vezina Trophy (best goaltender) and the Ted Lindsay Award (most outstanding player, as voted by his peers)—now there's some serious inspiration!

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This article was originally published on Jul 13, 2015

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