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6 important to-dos for the last two weeks of pregnancy

With her due date just around the corner, our blogger Karen shares her to-do list.

By Karen Robock
6 important to-dos for the last two weeks of pregnancy

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At 38 weeks the countdown to D-day is definitely on. And so, with just a few weeks (or maybe days!) left until the baby arrives, I’ve been wondering if I’m actually doing the right stuff to get ready.

As of today, all of baby’s onesies are now washed, neatly folded and tucked away in her dresser. The nursery is finally in near-perfect shape and—after hours scouring online shops and trips to stores across the GTA—I finally found and purchased the baby carrier we wanted (Becco in the Foxy print—so cute and neutral enough for Barry to wear, too.)

Logically I am aware that none of this is important for baby’s arrival. She won’t care if her clothes are organized or if her room is in order—she probably won’t even be in the nursery for months (we’re planning to keep her in a bassinette in our room for starters). For some reason though, these silly little jobs have felt like hugely significant tasks. Case in point: We actually hung a mobile at 10 p.m. the other night. Really. And, I was about to start on a scrapbook for her—I’d even gone so far as to purchase a beautiful book for it—when a wise friend suggested I tackle some more “useful” tasks.

After doing some reading online and asking around I’ve compiled a master list of six must-dos before D-day. And I’m getting started on them immediately!

1. Book a cleaning service I love a clean house but hate cleaning. (Unfortunate, I know.) So, I love the idea of having a cleaning service come in. I’ll have them do the baseboards, windows and just generally get into all the nooks and crannies, so things are properly tidy and made easier for us to keep up when the baby insanity breaks loose.

2. Buy wool breast pads One friend tells me that these washable options are far superior to the disposable brands. Apparently they absorb better, are naturally antibacterial so they resist taking on any odour and can be easily laundered with the baby’s clothes.

3. Clean out the freezer and restock with easy meals Frankly, my freezer needs a cleaning anyway, but I like the idea of having a few healthy, frozen meals ready to go. I’ve already got a beef stew brewing in my slow cooker right now and will be putting aside half of it to freeze for us for dinner in a few weeks. I figure if I can make one or two more big-batch meals, and buy a couple of healthy-ish frozen casseroles or lasagnas, we should be in good shape for the first few weeks.

4. Stock up on big, comfy knickers Apparently the usual underwear will be no match for the hospital-size pads I’ll be using postpartum to deal with the bleeding. (Lochia, the bleeding that occurs after delivery, consists mostly of sloughed off tissue from the lining of the uterus and is totally normal.) My midwife already suggested I buy a package of the special heavy-weight pads at a local medical supply store, to ensure I have enough since it can go on for several weeks. So, I’ll be buying some big boy-cut style briefs.


5. Make some “padsicles” Putting a bit of water and witch hazel in a few of these jumbo pads and freezing them creates a soothing ice pack for the nether regions. Apparently this will be helpful for numbing the pain and should assist with healing from tearing. (I read this suggestion online but don’t know anyone who’s tried it. If you have please let me know if it works!)

6. Put together an announcement email list Doing this ahead of time sounds like a genius idea. Barry and I will compile our lists of friends, family and colleagues that we’d like to share the news with. That way Barry (who I assume will be the one sending it since I’m guessing I’ll be a bit, ahem, busy) will just have to write a little message and attach a photo of the babe before he sends it out.

Now if I can get all these checked off and still have time, then I’ll start scrapbooking, and watching '80s John Hughes movies, which I find ever-comforting, until the little girl decides to join us.

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This article was originally published on Aug 18, 2015

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