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11 Décor Ideas for the Perfect Nursery

Create the perfect nursery for baby with cuddly critters and cozy designs

By Sarah Kirmani
11 Décor Ideas for the Perfect Nursery

Whether you’re embarking on parenthood for the first time or welcoming another child into your family, creating (or updating!) the perfect nursery involves a mix of love, imagination, and a sprinkle of patience.

If you’re facing a creative block, worry not! We’ve curated 11 decor ideas to help you turn a simple room into the ultimate nursery for your newest addition to the family.

Calming colours

Don’t know how to start setting up your dream nursery? Let's kick things off by talking about colors! Instead of going for gender-specific colors, opt for soothing shades like light blue, green, or gray tones to create a peaceful atmosphere that'll help your little one sleep soundly.

But, be careful! Not all paints are created equal. Some contain harmful VOCs, which are chemicals that can have negative impacts on health. To avoid this, look for low VOC paints that reduce your risk of being exposed to harsh chemicals and strong odors.

And, if you're looking for a safe option for your baby's room, check out the low-VOC paint from the Martha Stewart Living paint collection. They have over 280 soothing shades to choose from, and even offer small testers so you can find the perfect color for your nursery.

neutral nursery iStock

Stylish storage

Pro tip: any new parent needs storage bins in the nursery to keep items like towels, diapers, and clothes neat and easily accessible.

You'll find storage bins in all kinds of colors and materials, from see-through options to big cozy baskets, so you can pick what suits your style best.

But don’t miss out on the adorable Raccoon storage bins – not only do they help you tidy up in a flash with laundry, toys, or books, but they also bring a sweet touch to any empty spot in the nursery.

kids storage bin Merchant


Love letter

Just a heads up: your nursery wall is basically a blank canvas ready for you to make it your own – you could go for wallpaper, decals, or some wall art!

But if you're looking to give your baby's room that extra special touch, why not personalize it with some wooden cursive letters or meaningful prints?

They can show off your little one's name or something special to your family.

neutral nursery with wall art iStock

Cute cash

You know that piggy bank from your childhood? The one you couldn't wait to smash open when you heard the ice cream truck coming? Well, picture this – a cute zoo animal version for your little one!

There are so many trendy options now that aren't just for stashing coins but also bring a playful vibe to your decor.

small piggy bank on a desk iStock

Reader’s roar

Since you'll probably have lots of books in your nursery, you'll want some bookends to keep them neat and easy to find.

Sure, you could go for the usual shapes like letters or flowers, but how about adding a charming Lion bookend to the mix? It's not just a fun touch with that adorable mane, but it also keeps all those beloved stories neatly stacked on the bookshelf in one spot.

But don’t stress if you don't have a bookshelf – these bookends can also double as a decorative accent to floating shelves, dressers, or even a changing table!

lion book ends Merchant


Neutral zone

Have you thought about adding some neutral tones to your baby's nursery? They go great with calming colors and can easily match your existing decor, adding a bit of flair to any dull areas.

Furniture plays a big part in creating that cozy neutral vibe, but don't overlook the impact of a rug.

Check out this Alslev woven rug with its stylish beige and white stripes – it's the perfect final touch for any nursery.

living room rug Merchant

Elephant hour

Even though your little one won't be checking the clock anytime soon, a wall clock is a must-have for any nursery. It's super handy for parents to stay on top of feeding times, nap schedules, and diaper changes.

Many styles are a perfect fit for any boy's or girl's room or even a gender-neutral space.

neutral nursery iStock

Glow for it

If you're up for treating yourself to some top-notch nursery decor pieces that are both practical and charming, you're going to adore this handmade Star Egg night light from J Schatz. It's a real standout in our book!

This little gem not only sets a cozy bedtime ambiance for the little ones but also comes in handy for parents navigating in the dark.

And here's the kicker – it's not just a light; its unique shape adds a touch of style and charm to any nursery setting. How cool is that?

dark room with stary night light Merchant


The counting crows

Before you realize it, your little one will be tackling counting! If you want to give them a head start on mastering their numbers, spruce up the nursery walls with these adorable wall cards.

Not only will they add a charming touch to the room, but they'll also make learning to count from one to ten a piece of cake when the time comes.

number wall art Merchant
This article was originally published on Dec 09, 2011

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